My Thoughts On Twitter 12/31/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The world is gradually realizing that there will be no bright liberal #future! #Democracy‘s triumph is canceled.
I’m glad, because the laws of our egoistic nature oppose it.
They’re aimed at a person recognizing the evil of egoism.
So much so that he will wish to change for the good.

The world went through a digital revolution and revealed an #ecological catastrophe. It’s time to change the social contract. But no one can create it because the new world has tied together egoistic human beings into a single system.
They wanted to establish a common market whose workers are slaves, yet the uprising of those who were thrown under the bus as well as immigrants against the elites is culminating. #EU #climatechange

Q—How can a person be taught about the #Holocaust so that he wants not to forget it?
A—He needs to understand that he gets more for knowing about the Holocaust, why and how it happened. It’s necessary to explain that hatred is rooted in his nature.

Another force is becoming revealed, more powerful than “the Pharaoh”—the power of bestowal, unity, love. If you hold onto it, you can rise above your own egoism, its evil rule. You can control two forces yourself, receiving and bestowal, since each of them controls you separately!

Through the realization of the evil of egoism, we begin to sense that there is another power to turn to. Egoism demonstrates how it rules and destroys our entire world: personal life, family, society, the environment. The “Pharaoh” grows mad and sets us against himself on his own.
From Twitter, 12/31/18

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