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Kabbalah is a practical method of revealing the Creator in the unity of people, despite egoism dominating them. There is no Creator outside of us—the Creator is revealed precisely in the connection between us. It doesn’t exist in nature—we create it from the egoism dividing us.

Only in the degree of the Creator’s concealment can be a degree of His revelation, for concealment is a call for a revelation. A Kabbalist knows what revelation to expect by degree of its concealment; it occurs in the same desires reformed from “for myself” to “for the Creator.”

It is because of the feeling of descent and concealment, which he also accepts as coming from the Creator, that a Kabbalist gains faith in the Creator’s taking care of him—thereby gaining strength and importance to delight the Creator.

At the beginning of each degree, it reveals its void that must be filled with faith, the Creator’s power. So, anticipating descent, one must first prepare to fill it with the Creator’s greatness. It turns out that there are no breaks in spiritual work, but constant advancement.

As in descents so in ascents we should rejoice that the Creator remembers you and gives both ascents and descents. So try to hasten the ascent to the Creator yourself, as proof of your aspiration for Him. And thank for the descent, as for the opportunity to run to the Creator.

By causing descent, the Creator tears one off from egoism, forcing him to walk by faith. The Creator takes away ego—pleasure. Otherwise, a person won’t detach himself from self-love. If he agrees to work without reward, he cancels the fall and rises to the extent of acquired faith.

A person is obliged to accept the Creator’s governance at the bottom of his descent, above his reasoning and feelings, trusting that it comes from the Creator, submitting to Him unconditionally, without revealing the Creator’s greatness.

If one puts forth enough effort, but doesn’t yet see the result, he falls and rises again—gradually obtaining the need for adhesion with the Creator and a true desire, one concern—to only delight the Creator.

The feeling of emptiness is given to fill it with the greatness of the Creator. If this desire arises, a person needs the Creator’s help, to gain faith above reason. This desire arises with trepidation for the Creator, in place of all other calculations.

Under no circumstances doubt that they come from the Creator, and that the Creator makes it so that a person develops the need for Him, gives him the property of bestowal, brings him out of exile in #egoism.

He who understands, from despair, that he has nowhere to run from spiritual work, that he doesn’t need anything for himself, who no longer despairs of descents, who cries only because he cannot delight the Creator—he exits Egypt and enters the work of bestowal.

It’s vital in spiritual work to strive for the Creator and persevere against the Creator’s pushing you away. Thus one accumulates the strength to break through the border/Machsom with the upper world. Prior to that you have to walk on a narrow bridge. Remember to fear nothing!

Everything in the world pushes to the revelation of the Creator’s oneness, so when an egoist goes through the horrors of discovering his pride, a drop of unity emerges in his heart. He discovers that through fears he came to understanding of the Absolute and a drop of adhesion with Him.

He who wants to work for the Creator, merge with Him by similarity of qualities, is tested whether there are other desires in him, creating obstacles (thoughts and actions) to stop him, throw him off the path towards the Creator and make him walk in life like everyone else. (Shamati 70)

The power over the spiritual state is in the power over egoism since it separates us from the spiritual state. To the extent that, with Ohr Makif, we dissolve in the group—we’ll correspond to Ohr Yashar, Upper Light, the Creator’s property. So gradually we’ll come closer to Him.

We must understand that descent comes as a result of the work done correctly. Therefore, it is not a fall, but an ascent, only in the left line, the revelation of a spiritual area that I am not yet able to purify and sanctify. Therefore, it feels empty, contrary to my expectations.

When a spiritual desire for bestowal reveals in me from Above, I experience it as a descent, darkness, because it is not egoistic! But if I, by effort, accept it with the faith above reason, voluntarily—it manifests to me as a spiritual desire to bestow upon the Creator.
From Twitter, 12/22/18

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Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


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From KabTV’s “New Life #120 – The Uniqueness Of The Integral Approach,” 12/26/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 12/23/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Hardening of The Heart – Opportunity For Ascent”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16,  Table of Answers for the Meaning of the Words, Item 177

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Teaching of the Kabbalah and Its Essence”

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