My Thoughts On Twitter 12/22/18

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Since the adoption of European Convention on Human Rights in 1950 it became clear that the migration issue is religious-economic-political. Europe got wiser and today wants to withdraw from the global #migration pact. It is egoism explaining to us that it won’t allow us to live together!

Everything that happens, even descents and exits from spirituality, come from the Creator. Once a person acquires the quality of bestowal, he will see that absolutely everything comes only from the Creator. It is therefore necessary to strengthen yourself in patience and lowliness. When one accepts this, spirituality is revealed to him.

The end of the world isn’t at the year 6000. Spirituality has no time flowing freely as in our world as we think. 6,000 years is 6,000 steps of ascent over egoism to the property of connection/bestowal/love. Till we conquer them, our sensation will remain egoistic—feeling only this world.

At the start of the path pleasures given for the ego to want to work. Then comes a taste of the property over egoism—bestowal. But despite being raised to the spiritual quality of bestowal, it feels as a fall, exile. Then request to be pulled out of the ego’s power—to bestow to the Creator
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