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Israelis and Israel are no longer seen as victims of the past—the pogroms, the Holocaust. It is distant history. Instead of the Jewish victim—the image of an Israeli soldier with a machine gun. Natural hate doesn’t require justification. It can be corrected only thru Jewish unity.

Thru pain the world will understand that the correction method must be as described and implemented according to the teaching of Kabbalah. The world knows its salvation is unification. It’s implemented in a ten and develops in practice according to the works and advice of Kabbalists.

There’s no time in spirituality, but change of states. So, “Israel” is one who aspires for similarity to the Creator. One may be in a state of “Israel” and in a state of “Nations of the World,” according to one’s yearning, if one’s life is arranged towards the Creator.
Otherwise his state is an animal.

The EU no longer has a leader to lead it, which gives place to populist crises. It’s the end of #EU I have been describing for 20 years. But it’s not late to introduce explanatory and educational work among the EU population. This will make a soft landing and radically change the EU’s course.

Although all 27 #EU states voted against the UK’s exit, this only speaks of their hatred towards the one who demonstrates their loss. The EU has not worked on unity. The result is a collective #Brexit . Uprisings and crises will reveal the absence of a united #Europe.

The #EU idea was good, but it turned out not one of the leaders of selfish states has any idea how to continue to lead the community. After all, unification can be egoistic—against external egoism, an enemy, or altruistic—against the ego. But how does one go against oneself?

Israel can’t take a step towards the Creator without pulling others along. First attract and attach others and ask the Creator to advance you together. Israel is the channel of the Creator’s force into this world. Alone it will achieve nothing, unless it pulls the whole world along.

Israel isn’t external attributes but the heart’s desire for the meaning of life.
Israel is who feels responsible for correcting the world, aware that he’s part of the common soul, and if the Creator gave him an awakening, he’s obliged to pull the rest of his soul w/him, all mankind.

It’s clear that English politicians degraded with the EU, that time equally works on everyone. #Egoism, as the basis of what is happening, leads everyone into #crisis. Information technology and the media have been hiding this, but isn’t it time #England took an example from Trump?

The West is degrading.
#Migration Agreement: Unlimited entry for everyone, with encouragement; criticism prohibited.
#Climate Agreement: The West will reduce #CO2 emissions and pay $100B/year to 3rd world countries.
#Egoism, seeing no further paths of development, consumes itself.

After a job done well, new ego-layer emerges. We should take it with joy and gratitude, and try to overcome. The unity achieved during the congress allows us to reveal a new layer of egoism in order to rise above it and advance towards the goal. This is the dynamics of the recovery!

There’s always a fall, rollback after unification. But there’s no return! It’s an emergence of a new egoistic will: “There’s no descent but only ascent in holiness.” We’re always progressing in the left and right lines, by turns. We must tie them together—remember the new attack.

Instead of falling into despair, losing strength and hope, you need to use reasoning to understand that this is the Creator playing with us, in order to advance us to truly spiritual work. So, instead of losing heart, we should rejoice that we are being raised to a new level!

Self-love is constantly evolving. Hence, there is no fall but a rise in the left line. Ego is growing, so we feel dissatisfied, confused, tired. But that’s because you’ve done work in unification, which resulted in another layer of the collective, broken egoism being exposed.

Responsibility for the world’s correction is on everyone yearning to merge with the Creator, and on the group. The Creator awakens a person to bring the whole world to Him. The correction begins when a group of “Israel” disseminates the method of collective correction in the world.

Created desire—“Nations of the World,” Malchut of the world of infinity. It feels being opposite to the Creator as shame, makes restriction and gets intention to bestow/the screen and Ohr Hozer. Result—decision to receive in order to bestow—the head/Isra-el-plan to reach the Creator.

#UN World Pact for #Migration undermines sovereignty of EU states. Without prior education how to unite, nations will destroy each other. #EU doesn’t need migrants; there are 17M unemployed in the EU. Reduce production to reasonable levels—and even Europeans will be too many.
From Twitter, 12/18/18

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