My Thoughts On Twitter 12/12/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

I check myself—is my prayer complete? I must try to do my best in helping the group to achieve the goal. And when I feel this burden slipping off me, that I am no longer able to keep carrying it, I cry out to the Creator for help—and He helps me, grants the property of bestowal.

Mass riots will move from France thru the EU because egoists can’t be close in such tight dependency. First, they need to be taught how to be close to each other and then brought together to that extent. They should accept the migrants only in the degree of readiness to live together

The Creator created a desire/Soul and planted egoism in it. Egoism split the Soul into repelling parts that must be united by love over hatred. Rejection increases love in the degree of difference between man and the Creator. In this difference of love over hate man finds the Creator
From Twitter, 12/12/18

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