Two Paths Of Spiritual Work

Laitman_524.01Rabash, “Concerning the Importance of Friends”: But how can one consider one’s friend greater than himself when he can see that his own merits are greater than his friend’s, that he is more talented and has better natural qualities? There are two ways to understand this:

  1. He is going with faith above reason: once he has chosen him as a friend, he appreciates him above reason.
  2. This is more natural—within reason. If he has decided to accept the other as a friend, and works on himself to love him, then it is natural with love to see only good things. And even though there are bad things in one’s friend, he cannot see them, as it is written, “love covers all transgressions.”

Question: What is unique about each path: working with friends in faith above reason or by natural development?

Answer: Faith above reason appears when a person receives a force from above to see others as greater than himself, closer to the Creator. Therefore, he starts treating them with more respect and care, becomes more cautious, as if in similarity with the Creator.

Gradually, acting on the basis of the fact that the Light obligates him to do so, his attitude toward his teacher and his friends, toward everything that relates to his spiritual advancement, becomes his permanent state.

A person changes, and the influence from above that he felt before seemingly dissipates and becomes integrated into his life.

Question: Should we not concern ourselves about these two paths?

Answer: We should only be in anticipation, in anticipation of receiving the upper Light, the force of bestowal. Our work consists of us wanting to show in advance that we are already in it, like a child playing an adult with toy cars, dolls, etc.

Question: What does the Light change in us through its influence?

Answer: Our relationship with the environment and with the Creator.

I see that I can use a friend correctly for our common goal. As a rule, I see him already not as an object for the application of my efforts, but as part of the Creator. After all, I cannot relate to the Creator directly, but I can to the friend. He is virtually an external sphere of my applied efforts sent to me by the Creator.

Question: Why is it better to see my friend within reason than in faith above reason?

Answer: It is more natural, since faith above reason enters a new degree. I receive the force that lets me relate to the friend as to the Creator. I see myself as the only one who has something to change and to correct. Everyone else is just acting out the will of the Creator since they actually are in adhesion with Him.

It follows that my faith above reason becomes my natural state.
From KabTV’s “The Last Generation” 5/30/18

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