Can We Understand The Language Of The Creator?

232.1Question: What is the language of the Creator?

Answer: The Creator’s language is the language of bestowal, the so-called “holy language,” meaning the middle line of the Partzuf.

Question: Is it possible to understand how the Creator talks to a person?

Answer: In the middle line. When you come to the correct interaction between properties of reception and bestowal, you acquire a language of bestowal, because egoistic properties begin to turn into altruistic ones. Then, through the property of bestowal that you attain, you begin to understand the language of the Creator from within yourself (an egoist), and you begin to talk with Him.

You see everything that happens in the world as it happens based on what reasons, for what consequences.

Question: Are any global changes, for example, warming or crisis, also the language of the Creator?

Answer: Absolutely everything.

Question: How can I understand what He wants to tell me?

Answer: You must be at the level of the Creator. In our world you can hear what they say, that is, catch the waves. However, in the spiritual world, to catch waves means to be at the frequency of these waves.

If you want to understand the actions of the Creator, you must rise to His level.

Question: Couldn’t the Creator speak with us so that we could understand Him?

Answer: And why did we reveal the law of gravity in the 18th century, and not 5,000 years ago? Development is necessary in order to understand the Creator. You can achieve it now. It all depends on the person. If he rises to this level, he will attain it today, he will overtake time. Today, you can live in such states that people would reach, say, in another 200 years.

It is the same as in our world—a child, an adult, a wise person—different people understand differently.

Question: Is the final correction when I understand everything that is happening to me?

Answer: Not only do you understand—it’s all yours, it’s all in you!
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 8/12/18

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