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laitman_448.3Remark: Until recently, many Jews in America were confident that anti-Semitism existed only in Europe. And suddenly, now, with the appearance of Trump, with the appearance of hatred toward each other, the fear rises in them: “This is in our home!”

My Comment: This is just the beginning. The fact is that to the extent the Jews hate each other, they are hated. And to the extent they can come closer together and unite, the world will grow closer and unite around them, toward good.

Thus, everything depends on the Jews. Now, they will gradually start studying it on themselves.

It is necessary to shake this mass. They are not afraid of and do not reject anti-Semites. They are ready to co-exist with anti-Semites, but now, it is beginning to get in the way.

I wish the American Jews a quick awakening, the recognition of their mission, and the possibility of correcting themselves, and through themselves, the whole world. Through America, this can be done. This is a powerful part that can affect both their country and the whole world, and make many people think and act like them. Firstly, however, it is necessary for them to think and act correctly.

However, the recognition of evil is necessary for this. The evil can be corrected either by properly engaging our brains and listening to the advice of wise people, or as it is written, to move to happiness “by the stick.”
From KabTV’s “News with Michael Laitman” 11/20/18

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