My Thoughts On Twitter 12/1/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

It’s none other than the universities today that have turned into a breeding ground for dissident anti-liberals. Disappearance of freedoms leads to the demise of society. Society develops only within free discourse.

But today it’s none other than universities that are killing enlightenment
Egoism is growing and killing living matter!

Euro-populism changes society’s political structure against the political elites, periphery against the center. Greedy authorities, capitalistic elites aren’t aristocrats, changing their ideology and ideals, accepting marginal, ethnic, religious and sex minorities.

This horde is the basis of the global #elite, destroying the foundations of civilization.

The response to mounting Anti-Semitism worldwide shouldn’t be an explanation to the Anti-Semites, but an explanation precisely to Jews that only by our unity will we affect the good unity of the whole world and its kind attitude to us. That’s the only solution to the problem!

To keep being the world’s leading economy, the USA must start re-educating the population–toward a unified society. Otherwise the social divide will bring about increasingly greater economic decline and increase in social expenses. Brexit will start inside the #USA.
From Twitter, 12/1/18

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