My Thoughts On Twitter 11/24/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Purchases have become society’s number one value. A person feels more confident by buying something that’s pleasant to his ego. This way he acquires confidence in life.
However, as we develop, we aspire to a more universal fulfillment rather than a temporary one..

Kabbalah is the wisdom of reception, fulfillment.
Absolute fulfillment can be attained only by constant renewal. This is possible if we are united and fulfill one another. The fulfillment is felt as being unlimited—the sensation of an eternal world instead of #BlackFriday.

A corrected system of relationships requires people with an integral upbringing.

Black Friday: 90% of manufactured products are unnecessary. But the production can’t be stopped since there is nothing else to occupy the people with and producers can’t work without economic stimulus. The world would stop.

From Twitter, 11/24/18

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