My Thoughts On Twitter 11/22/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

We’re running away from ego, Pharaoh’s slavery, to become free from him! To learn to bestow, work with the light above Pharaoh’s rule
The escape is the first anti-egoistic screen,
Egypt remains in me, but I come out of it and its rule and  build the land of Israel by turning ego to love.

If we don’t agree to remain in egoism, if we hate it and try to come out of it, we reveal its power over us and that we are in exile from the spiritual state—connection. One that doesn’t wish to build mutual guarantee reveals Pharaoh as being good and doesn’t wish to run away …
… from him—that person is Erev Rav!

All our energy goes toward avoiding thinking about it, replacing it with worship of health—the new religion.
From Twitter, 11/22/18

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