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The main protection against disasters is love and unity. When love, unity and friendship dwell in the nation of Israel, all misfortunes, suffering and miseries will pass them by… (Maor vaShemesh)
With their pressure, they’ll force us to teach the world unity.

We have to lead the world to unity.
Book of Zohar: “The nation of Israel among the nations of the world is like the heart for the rest of the organs. Just as the body’s organs can’t exist without the heart, so the nations can’t exist without the nation of Israel.”
“When there are love, unity, and friendship within Israel, no calamity can come upon them.” (Maor vaShemesh)

Across the whole country people are ready to host those who are under fire.
But if besides opening up their homes they knew how to open up their hearts and unite them into one heart…
Kabbalah: “The prime defense against calamity is love and unity” …
The nation is obligated to carry out unity and pass it on to all the nations.

Book of Zohar: “The nation of Israel among the nations of the world is like the heart surrounded by the rest of the organs. Just as the body’s organs can’t exist without the heart even for a moment, so all the nations can’t exist without the nation of Israel.”

A person that has a burning spark wishes to fill the emptiness with commandments like a pomegranate.
To the extent one asks to feel the Creator’s greatness, to go with it above reason,
One doesn’t wish for the Creator’s revelation, but wants His greatness in order to carry out the Creator’s desires with no conditions—this is what one asks for. This is called filling the emptiness with a commandment.

Why aren’t those who have the wisdom of Kabbalah able to set things right in the world?
The world’s correction depends on everyone’s participation in this process. Today the process of the masses’ correction is just starting in the world, to the extent people are being …
… acquainted with Kabbalah.
Correction is voluntary—it’s work one does with oneself, personally!
We now have to become aware of that, otherwise we’ll be punished!

The whole nation is responsible for transgressions since everyone drowns if one person drills a hole in the boat. From above there’s only collective punishment or reward. There is nothing personal in spirituality—there’s one system. That’s how we are seen from above.
Kabbalah says: we need upbringing and a desire for good connections.

People in America have decided to speak by shooting. Weapons can protect you, but they won’t fix the urge to resolve everything by shooting! Two opposite forces operate in everything in nature. Their balance makes peace. We need weapons of good and evil.
Yet not for the sake of our physical safety, but for the sake of uniting us and Him into one soul!

We’ve reached the limits of weakness: supplying the enemy with everything and ceasing fire at his order.
Book of Zohar: we have no other hope but the Creator. He arranges everything so we’ll turn to him out of despair.

We don’t care about every person’s qualities. We correct the CONNECTIONS between us. What matters is one’s attitude to the group, whereas natural qualities cannot be changed—they can be turned into Tzimtzum Aleph, a screen, Ohr Hozer, to build the Kli of the soul in which the Creator will be revealed. Inside, every person will remain the way the Creator made him (Lech Le Uman…)

The right request to the Creator is the request for self-correction. However, not for the sake of oneself, but in order to be able to feel others and to know how to ask the Creator for others, to ask only for their benefit, to be AHP for the sake of all the souls’ GE.

It doesn’t depend on our force or strategy, but only on unity, mutual guarantee, on us attaining the proper unity in the nation and showing the world an example of it! #Israel

#War can’t correct anything. By a string of disasters, it pushes us to understand that the solution is entirely up to us and not up to our enemies.
And instead of feeling our limited existence in the world, we’ll attain the Creator’s level.

The breaking isn’t accidental, we mustn’t annul its result. It’s for our good. If we unite above separation, we reveal connection 620 times greater than the previous one, before the fall of sin, breakage.

Is the nations of the world’s attitude to Israel changing for the better? Just like in the past, when no one felt bad about the extermination of Jews by the Nazis, so today European mass media has no mention of the fact that Hamas shot 500 rockets at Israel!

For now we have no control over our heart, but we are moving toward realization of evil and request for correction.

The most in-demand profession in the world will soon be experts in spiritual work—”the Creator’s work.” We are preparing for that. Hence our work lies in creating connection between us.

Goodness grows precisely by virtue of the ego’s growth!

Our egoism doesn’t disappear. It has to remain and we build connection above it. Naturally, the desire to eradicate ego emerges. But that’s the wrong approach. That’s why we can’t do that. Egoism will remain, but we will cover all evil in the world with goodness.

A layman cares for himself, whereas a Kabbalist cares about the connection between us, since all of correction lies there.

True Torah, Torah-Emet differs from the masses’ Torah by a different interpretation of flaws, punishment and reward, as written, “The Torah’s opinion is opposite to the laymen’s opinion.”

If evil has been revealed, we should pay attention not to it, but to our request to correct the evil with greater connection between us.

No one is guilty of his actions: all transgressions are revealed from above. We are guilty not for the revelation of evil, but for not asking the Creator to correct the evil.

All the prayers were composed by the sages before the Temple’s destruction. They are recited not for oneself—ME, but for everyone, WE, US. That’s because no one is guilty by himself—he was created that way, and everyone is responsible for everyone.

Hence it doesn’t matter who made the action—from above we are considered as being in a circular guarantee, ARVUT.

The more opposites we can unite inside us, the higher is our spiritual degree.
It’s the way any information can be processed in a computer by connections of 0 and 1. Spirituality is built upon the amount of connections, which produces quality.
Hence the most important thing is to go through the necessary number of states!

How can we win wars?
Essentially, all our wars are internal. We must fight our own egoism, which separates us, since according to the plan of creation we must be “as one man with one heart.” We must fight the ego for the sake of unity and by that we must give the world an example.
From Twitter, 11/15/18

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