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At first it seems like the mind will show the right way to spiritual work. But the way of reason is ego wandering in desires (matter, like a donkey, Hamor, Homer, wanders in a field). Reason serves desires, helping attain what they want. Hence Kabbalah shows the way above reason.

On the spiritual path one finds himself lost in the field of work. Where is he? What’s required of him?
If he reveals that the way to the goal is greater unity with friends in the group, then he’s on the right path if he turns to the Creator for help through connection with friends.

Nationalism isn’t racism. It can consolidate a society or nation, and not necessarily against someone else. Decline of nationalism causes a nation to be divided in other ways. Thus, “democracy” is obsessed with valuing and dividing by color and origin, emphasizing “pluralism…”

… and in it you’ll find the way to Me.” The field of our connection is the soul. Its filling is the Creator.

One feels that he strayed from the path, seeing broken desires preventing connection with friends, and he calls out to the Creator. Searching in the field, he finds the Creator, who tells him, “Ask friends for help to find the thread of connection with them ….

The drive for a long, active life is the new religion.
Erasing all irrational things from life and ensuring the longest lifespan is now life’s purpose.
Health is most important, rather than fulfillment by purpose beyond the bounds of bodily existence.
Turn off our brains & work out!

The so-called “democratic” (power by the people) nations give people freedom, but by allowing free movement of capital, they make the rich richer and the poor poorer. Egoism and the upper class’s power are once again leading to the demise of countries!
From Twitter, 11/12/18

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