My Thoughts On Twitter 11/8/18

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Humanity develops toward integral connection through cycles of convergence-separation. After WWII, people are once again drawn to isolation, nationalism. Only by forging a connection between people above their egoism can we implement integration without war, on a higher degree.

Capitalist countries have changed their taxation systems so that wealth is now distributed from the poor to the richest. The paradox of democratic societies is: people are given rights yet unprecedented wage inequality is created. Free movement of capital has enslaved the economy.

The world is in despair…
It can acquire reason and forces
Only through unity…

For centuries religion lay claim to spirituality. But ego outgrew religion, now replaced by worship of a healthy lifestyle, with no room for life’s purpose past bodily existence. Healthy lifestyle is now religion and man is evaluated by health parameters. It’s the end of progress!

Stress is contagious. Do we all affect one another and infect each other with stress?
Kabbalah explains the laws of the network, our total interconnection.
When we understand this system, we can manage and influence it in order to promote it toward a good state.
From Twitter, 11/8/18

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