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The Creator is a Force revealed in connection (mutual guarantee) of broken parts of creation. On all levels of spiritual nature we reveal the degree of mutual guarantee or its lack. We live and feel inside this. The broken parts must only implement mutual guarantee between them.

The Torah is founded upon the principle of mutual guarantee, explaining how parts must interconnect to reach balance with the general Force of nature called “Creator”—the force of universal connection of all parts of the universe in mutual harmony and mutual balance.

I go through ascents and descents.
If I lack forces from the group, I want to connect to it better—so I turn to the Creator for help with mutual guarantee.
If I aim at the Creator, I turn to the friends, receive forces from them and realization of His importance—and turn to Him.

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The nation of Israel can change not only its own fate, but the fate of the whole world. By changing our relationships from hate to brotherly love, we’ll reach spiritual ascension that Kabbalah talks about. By that we will evoke positive changes in the world.

One who goes by faith above reason, above him, becomes wiser since his perception expands.
One who goes below reason, without analyzing his perception, remains with nothing but memories.
We must give each friend the feeling of mutual guarantee, in which all worries are extinguished.

Creator (Boreh) means come and see (Bo-Reh). I can see Him in my new feeling and reason, which I form according to qualities of bestowal that are opposite to me. That’s how faith above reason—the Creator’s qualities—is built above my ego.
From Twitter, 11/6/18

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