My Thoughts On Twitter 11/5/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Unlike corporeality, in spirituality we have no chance to consider our opinion and feeling. We must rejoice at being able to advance above reason and sensation. If we advance in reason and feeling, agreeing with them—it’s a materialistic approach. Nothing spiritual will sprout from it.
It’s a great obstacle to work without energy, reason, spiritual understanding and sensation. But we must do it despite our inability to carry it out.
And we needn’t carry it out—we must try. When we see that we can’t, we’ll unite our desires and ask for energy, understanding and sensation

In spirituality one must start the work even before having energy for it. We can’t unit—but must make efforts. We are unable to understand something—but must act as if we understand. That’s how we advance.
From Twitter, 11/5/18

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