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My Thoughts On Twitter 11/18/18

Dr Michael Laitman TwitterWe live in egoistic reason in order to decide that we cannot live this way.
We must come out of it, rise above it, start acting according to the reason of the Upper One, Bina instead of Malchut, the reason of bestowal instead of reception.

The laws operating there are contrary to egoistic reason—”and I saw a reverse world.”

Result of the light’s influence: I receive feeling and reason aimed at my egoistic benefit. Suddenly I start thinking about the group and the Creator. They become so important to me that I don’t want to think about myself and my family.
I want to care not for my own benefit, but the Creator’s benefit.

The oil is our desire for pleasures. The fire is the upper light. Our work is to connect them with a wick. Everything has been provided —we must only bring ourselves to concordance in order to transform inappropriate thoughts and actions into our unity with the Creator.

They push us away from bestowal, and we turn the gap into connection.
#spirituality #kabbalah

The wick is a transmitter, our soul. Above, there’s the force of bestowal, Bina. Below, there’s the force of reception, Malchut. Our life is in the middle. It is affirmed upon opposites, pulsates on overcoming, grows out of intention.

If burns on the wick of the lamp until I use up all the foreign thoughts.

We are limited by #egoism. It doesn’t allow us to run away from our own desires and restricts our perception. We perceive everything through the prism of self-benefit. My picture of the world, funneled through egoism, is distorted and turns into a lie.

Instead of seeing the truth, I see a fragment deformed by self-love.

Foreign thoughts, all sorts of disturbances are necessary. Without them we cannot hold on to faith above reason. We would have no need for it, no support or progress. It’s the same as how oil cannot burn without a wick that connects it to the fire, the light.

Every time inappropriate thoughts arise, we must be ready and grateful for them. We must use them as a wick, above the inappropriateness, connecting to the Source that sent them even more to strengthen the light, connection with the Creator.

The West should see the #migrants as invaders who are peacefully bringing about the assimilation of Europeans, imposing expenses, their religion and culture.
Millions of migrants have settled across #Europe. The consequence is a peaceful conquest of the continent.

Book of Zohar: at the end of days, Arabs will gain dominion over Europe.

We, BB [Bnei Baruch], aren’t against observance of Commandments. But to emphasize that the main commandment lies in unity, “Love your neighbor as yourself,” the rest of the commandments aren’t being mentioned for now. They manifest to the extent we study their spiritual source as necessary, proceeding from the structure of the #soul.

The masses will be able to adapt to the true Torah and Commandments only to the degree they understand the connection between the upper word, the system of governance and our world, us.

When we see the connections between roots and branches, the need to observe Commandments as the laws of nature is obvious. This is the true “Hazara be Tshuva.

One who starts studying Kabbalah develops egoism to an intolerable extent so he’ll run away from it, from Pharaoh. The group’s support is critical during this period.
Without it, instead of advancing toward the light, Torah, the person regresses, reducing his egoism, holding himself back from stimulating egoism, Pharaoh.

Those who start studying Kabbalah stumble upon the need to fight egoism by uniting in the group against oneself—an egoist. If they don’t understand it or can’t organize themselves this way, they leave practical Kabbalah and become its enemies, thinking that it’s not they that failed but the organization, the BB group.


Tolerance is good if it doesn’t indulge anarchy, if it’s balanced and protected against total permissiveness!
Kabbalah: everything requires a combination of itself and the opposite—in balance, the middle line. We must create such a society, gain this spiritual sense of perception.
From Twitter, 11/18/18

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In Order To Not Go Astray

laitman_942Rabash, “Concerning the Importance of Society”: Therefore, in matters of work on the path of truth, one should isolate oneself from other people. This is because the path of truth requires constant strengthening, since it is against the view of the world. The view of the world is knowing and receiving, whereas the view of Torah is faith and bestowal.

Question: Will people leave the group of the last generation?

Answer: They will leave because in the group of the last generation one needs to make great efforts to constantly make progress.

The fact is that when you are in psychological groups or groups engaged in spiritual practices, then the movement takes place on the basis of knowledge or development of the method.

However, in the Kabbalistic group, the egoistic engine constantly operates and it kind of pushes you out of the group. If you do not constantly work against it, then you do not rise above it and cannot advance. Therefore, in the Kabbalistic group, there is always a need for additional efforts, and one cannot stand still. This is what forces a person to advance.

Question: Why is it that when a person is taken out of the group, he seems to go against the group and/or the method?

Answer: He must justify himself egoistically, so he turns against the group he was in. He wants to show that he is right and they are wrong. He thus tries to find flaws in the group to prove his point.

When a person comes to the group, the point in the heart, which is awakened from above, speaks within him. He suddenly feels that his soul is here.

Then, to stay in place, he needs to make an effort. This is the place of spiritual work. He holds on somehow, for some time, but if he does not make serious efforts, he is drawn away from the path.

Question: How can one make an effort to clear out all the opinions that a person absorbed during his life?

Answer: Everything is written in the Kabbalistic sources. They are written for this purpose.
From KabTV’s “The last generation” 4/25/18

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New Life 1063 – Expanding The Limits Of Perception

New Life 1063 – Expanding The Limits Of Perception
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Tal Mandelbaum ben Moshe

The wisdom of Kabbalah expands the limits of perception and develops new tools of perception within a person. It builds a higher inner sense that makes it possible for a person to see the general communication network of nature. Through its discovery a person acquires the ability to foresee what will happen and knows everything. The general law of nature is love, which means correct and mutual communication between everyone, above the human ego. A person discovers that he lives within a nature that is filled with wisdom.
From KabTV’s “New Life 1063 – Expanding The Limits Of Perception,” 9/27/18

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/18/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “The Work Within Reason And The Work Above Reason”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 1, Part 4,  Chapter 1, Item 1

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”, Title “Two Paths: A Path of Pain and a Path of Torah”

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