Patience Is Key

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What characterizes patience, which is necessary in our work?

Answer: To show patience means to stubbornly go towards the goal. As it is said: “Do anything, but just don’t leave!”

It is told about how Rabbi Akiva was the only one to survive a sunken ship and did not drown in the turbulent sea. He grabbed onto a wooden plank and lowered his head before each oncoming wave, and in this way he reached land.

We need to do the same thing. Whatever happens, I continue my path. I may be suffering and worrying, possibly, I am not even able to do anything, but I continue to go to the lessons, to listen, and to participate in the work. I may not be burning and inspired now since times can be different, but I am doing everything that I am capable of. Most important is to be yearning forward. That is a very important quality.

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