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A spiritual person is someone who has 2 degrees:
– the natural, egoistic feelings and reason.
– above them, spiritual sensations and reason, aimed at bestowal.
He is between them. The more he expands his spiritual feelings and reason, the greater are his egoistic mind and heart.

I need nothing more, all degrees of faith are built above the growing ego.

Having gained the 1st faith above reason, the thread connecting me to the Creator, I want to stay there. But ego is revealed: it protests, lowers me and compels me to reach greater faith above reason.
The basis of faith is the thread connecting me to the Creator.

The basis of ego-progress disappears, but if one doesn’t quit Kabbalah, he gains the quality of bestowal, faith. One needs only to know: I am connected to the Creator. Like King David: when left with nothing, he saw only a sign of his covenant with Him and relaxed, not needing more.

Work above reason contradicts material feelings and reason and cannot be accepted in our world, in the will to enjoy alone. This work requires an additional desire—to bestow, a higher degree. Spiritual work takes place on two contradictory degrees.
From Twitter, 11/10/18

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New Life #93 – Understanding Mental Health

New Life #93 – Understanding Mental Health
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz


Mental illness stems from a malfunction of human nature. We are all inside a huge “computer,” the system of nature. It is a network that closes us in all together as one soul and manages our thoughts and feelings. A malfunction in my internal program means that I cannot connect properly to the general network. As a result, humanity is in a state of distorted perception today. We don’t want to adapt to the network of connections being revealed between us and we don’t see the future. The wisdom of Kabbalah can teach us how to heal our soul and bring the world to a wonderful, healthy state.
From KabTV’s “New Life #93 – Understanding Mental Health,” 10/28/12

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California Shooting

Dr. Michael LaitmanFrom My Facebook Page Michael Laitman 11/9/18

Another devastating week of shootings in the U.S. Pittsburgh, Florida and now Thousand Oaks. How many more disgruntled people are out there that are slightly unbalanced, have access to weapons and are trained to use them?

America should recognize its problem is now much greater than gun control laws – it has become a culture that is desensitized to obscene levels of violence, with mass shootings becoming the daily reality.

U.S. authorities must form an overall strategy for healing their toxic, violent-breeding culture. We must understand the fundamental issue we are dealing with here once and for all. The human ego is growing and we must create a balancing force by changing the social climate and the way people relate to each other.

In the meantime, today we are sending our condolences to the families of the victims and the entire Thousand Oaks community.

What Is Freedom?

742.03Question: What is freedom? Does it depend on where a person is in the world?

Answer: Freedom does not depend at all on which era or place in the world a person lives. The environment in which he lives is given to a person from above, from outside.

He does not choose the environment, which society to be born in, what kind of education to receive, or what values to adopt to live in accordance with.

Freedom can be interpreted according to one and only one condition: freedom from my egoistic nature. I cannot be free of anything else.

Freedom from my egoistic nature means that I do not live according to the laws of my egoism that my nature pushes me from within, but only in accordance with the human society, only for humanity’s benefit. In other words, freedom means that I rise above my egoistic nature for the good of all humanity.

I acquire my free life above my egoistic nature. Rising from the egoistic level of life to the altruistic one, I live and also feel the flow of the eternal nature. I also feel perfect, eternal, and free.

Of course, the implementation of these laws depend not our place of residence, nationality, or gender. It depends on a person himself and on the confrontation with his original nature.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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