What Is Freedom?

742.03Question: What is freedom? Does it depend on where a person is in the world?

Answer: Freedom does not depend at all on which era or place in the world a person lives. The environment in which he lives is given to a person from above, from outside.

He does not choose the environment, which society to be born in, what kind of education to receive, or what values to adopt to live in accordance with.

Freedom can be interpreted according to one and only one condition: freedom from my egoistic nature. I cannot be free of anything else.

Freedom from my egoistic nature means that I do not live according to the laws of my egoism that my nature pushes me from within, but only in accordance with the human society, only for humanity’s benefit. In other words, freedom means that I rise above my egoistic nature for the good of all humanity.

I acquire my free life above my egoistic nature. Rising from the egoistic level of life to the altruistic one, I live and also feel the flow of the eternal nature. I also feel perfect, eternal, and free.

Of course, the implementation of these laws depend not our place of residence, nationality, or gender. It depends on a person himself and on the confrontation with his original nature.
The Round Table of Independent Opinions, Berlin 9/9/06

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