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Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

Realization of our nature’s evil is escalating: we no longer expect progress to bring improvements, development voluntarily leads us to mutual extermination. Things aren’t going to get any better! We are quickly sliding down to a doomed future.
All our energy goes toward avoiding thinking about it, replacing it with worship of health—the new religion.

Inside every person, egoism is dressed as Pharaoh, not allowing him to come out of it. By attempting to unite and break out of it, we strengthen egoism, Pharaoh gets richer and won’t let us go. But we start hating egoism. Eventually we discover our impotence in the face of egoism
… together with the need to connect to the Creator.

The law of mutual guarantee is simple: I must care for 9 friends and they for me. By that we determine our lives and no one can destroy our system, break our unity. Each one depends entirely on the 9, and on no one else.

All the forms in which we wished to succeed spiritually, but failed, come back and adjust us, pressuring us to be corrected. Hence be wary of building the wrong connections in the group to avoid awakening a negative reaction from the system.
Aspire only to the whole group, the ten as a whole.

I use myself as a machine operated by the group’s desire from within. Then I’ll reveal that it’s the Creator’s desire, who’s inside me, operating me. By carrying out actions, I’ll start to attain Him and will become equal to Him. That’s how the Creator clothes in creation.

We don’t know what the right connection is. We have no premises for it. All we have left is to follow Kabbalists’ advice, build connections between us that are called spiritual. In them we’ll reveal the force of bestowal and love called “the Creator”

First we must reveal the deficiency of the left side, from which we will understand what its opposite should be like, as in, “advantage of the light from the darkness,” and we can then build the right line. But the right connection is upon the two of them, in the middle line.

We can’t rise to the degree of love and bestowal until we reveal hatred for egoism. Above it we build the right line: unity, love: “Love will cover all sins.” If there are no transgressions, then there’s no love!

Building new senses for revealing the spiritual world means building connections between us in which we can reveal the Creator and thereby give Him pleasure. This new perception is called “faith above reason,” the degree of Bina, bestowal, the altruistic intention.

Two opposites must exist in one will to enjoy. That’s the only way this desire can take on its spiritual form. Two opposites do not cancel one another out, but complement and support each other. Between them we will reveal the Creator.

Last Friday 170 new students from all over Israel came to our International Kabbalah Academy center. These students recently began studying Kabbalah in Russian.
I wish all the new students successful progress and ascent in their spiritual development!

We learn to attain the Creator by His actions in us.
This is attained as the third factor that reconciles two opposites:
my qualities, created by Him, and
His influences inside them.
From these, we build ourselves.

If there’s no sensation of Me and the Creator, it means the state isn’t discerned yet. There’s no analysis of two opposites in the sensation, in feelings, awareness and reason. Lack of sensation and awareness compels us to complete them until we reveal the Creator.

Everything is only spiritual. But it divides into our world, where we don’t reveal the source of our sensations, and the spiritual world, where we reveal the source of our sensations. There’s no state that doesn’t include two opposites, creation and the Creator.

Creation experiences the sensations that the Creator evokes in it, and attains the Creator by His actions in it. That is how we develop an inner sensitivity to the Creator and understanding of what He wants so we’ll feel His direct and opposite forms and the difference between them

On all 125 degrees of the correction ladder, we only annul ourselves, aspiring to the state of 0, embryo (Ubar) under all the changeable conditions. By turning itself into a zero, the group grows more and more in that connection, revealing the whole system of the universe in itself

How do I make my desire like the Creator’s desire?
Try to enter the neighbor’s desire and place it above your #egoism, making it more important than your desire. That’s how we can learn to replace one nature with another, overcome ourselves, go above our own opinion ….
reason and feelings.

We need to reveal the source of goodness and love inside our unity—it will fill the world. This source is between us, in the connection to which the wisdom of Kabbalah brings us.
The source of goodness and love, the key to #happiness, is in our hands.
Therein lies our choice, instead of purposeless existence!

Any sensation consists of two opposite forms. After all, we are creature—we feel ourselves (our qualities) and something inside them. My sensation consists of the “perceiver” and the “perceived.” The perceived is always the Creator …
There’s None Else Besides Him, in concealed form. He brings about all sensations in me.

One is included in the upper system only by lowering oneself, developing the quality of bestowal. The Kli grows by reverse dependency, starting with zero and annulling more and more. A sign of annulment is “joy in emptiness.”
Being in the Upper One means gaining freedom from one’s “self,” absorbing Him from outside, rather than in egoism.

“I sat in His shadow, and His fruit was sweet” (Song of Songs)
While “being in the shadow,” you can taste the fruit in the quality of bestowal many times greater than the spark of light in the quality of reception. In the will to enjoy you can grasp only a spark,
whereas the pleasure of bestowal is 620 times greater, the light of NaRaNHY

Don’t despair from being thrown from egoistic perception of reality to a seemingly altruistic one. Precisely this conjugation of opposites leads to revelation of reality. One must patiently grow accustomed to opposites, revealing the advantage of light from darkness …
—until perceiving reality.

If I agree that my state, darkness is part of perceiving reality and is equal to light, pleasant/unpleasant, good/evil—then I properly balance myself and can remain an independent creation, in the middle line, aiming at the goal of creation—adhesion with the upper force.
From Twitter, 11/21/18

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The Archenemy Of Spiritual Development

laitman_576.02Question: What thoughts or actions are most detrimental to our growth in Kabbalah? Which desire is our archenemy?

Answer: Laziness. Nothing else stands in our way. Only laziness.

You must bring yourself into such an environment that will constantly stimulate you, pull you forward, push you, provoke you. This is of utmost importance. Also, leave your egoism alone. It will disturb you, and rightly so. Do not agonize over your character or your qualities. You are created precisely that way in order to enter the upper world. The most important thing is to have more energy for work.

Question: Can you give an example of laziness in spiritual development?

Answer: Certainly. It is a lack of a person’s active involvement in the right environment, which can properly direct him, give him the right goal, and the energy to achieve it.

Question: What then is the corporeal laziness that prevents me to advance toward spirituality? Sometimes you tell us that the corporeal laziness is a good thing.

Answer: Regarding the corporeal world, laziness is a useful quality. The less hectic, the better. But once you have discovered the right path, you must pursue it with all your might to advance.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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New Life 99 – Pregnancy And Birth From The Embryo’s Perspective

New Life 99 – Pregnancy And Birth From The Embryo’s Perspective
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

An embryo feels what goes on between the parents and is affected by it. It never sleeps and is constantly perceiving information and developing. It distinguishes between the father’s impact and recognizes this additional source of influence. In fact, the embryo tries to neutralize the father as if he does not exist if the father treats the mother poorly by, for example, shouting. This lowers the self-confidence of the embryo and forces him to respond with defensive violence. The relationship between the parents even affects the embryo’s future relationships and entire life. In order to feed the embryo with maximum positive energy, the parents have to correct themselves by having a positive attitude toward one another.
From KabTV’s “New Life 99 – Pregnancy And Birth From The Embryo’s Perspective,” 11/4/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/21/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Two Opposites In One Subject”

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Talmud Eser Sefirot,  Vol. 6, Part 16,  Table of Answers for the Meaning of the Words, Item 86

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Newspaper “The Nation”, Title “Our Intention”

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