The Remedy Against Laziness

Dr. Michael LaitmanComment: Often I want to put everything aside instead of making an effort.

Answer: This is Klipa, the serpent who is sitting within you and constantly convinces you, “It doesn’t matter, let’s wait.” This is called laziness.

A state like this can go on for thousands of years! So it is necessary to convince the friends to always take you to all the events without paying attention to excuses that you cannot, that you don’t want to go out to disseminate, or that you don’t want to go to the gathering of friends. Maybe you say that you are very tired, something hurts you, there is a soccer game on television, or other things. You must convince your friends not to listen to you and to pull you out of the doghouse you are trying to push yourself into. This is the only way you can be saved.

There is no other possibility of getting you out of this state besides the influence of the environment! This is done intentionally, because it is specifically through connection with the environment that you correct yourself.

You will be given you all kinds of opportunities to flee from spiritual efforts, from victory! It is here, beside you, but instead you say: “Next time, tomorrow evening, surely.” And again you forget.

Success is possible only if you convince your friends to forcefully obligate you to come out of your laziness.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Lesson 2

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