Privately Or Collectively?

laitman_942Question: How should we invoke fear properly? Should it be from the center of the group by myself as an individual?

Answer: I can spur the group, not as a spiritual person, but as a corporeal egoistic individual. However, if I merge with the group, I am already a spiritual element because the group is a spiritual body, and it is possible to influence the environment on the next level through it.

Do you want to ascend to a higher level? It is possible only through the group of ten!

On the next level when you connect ten groups of ten into one, you will work on a level of a hundred, and so on. This is how the system is organized. Moreover, it works in depth rather than breadth, i.e., in the general deepening. We have to pay attention to that and constantly aspire for improving the quality of our connection. This is very important.
From the Convention In St. Petersburg “Day One” 9/19/14, Workshop 1

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