A Miraculous Machine

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What is laziness in the work?

Answer: Laziness is heaviness in our work, a lack of motivation, a lack of vigor and fuel, meaning, a lack of importance. Rabash gives a simple example: If one’s house were on fire and one needed to escape the fire, nobody would be lazy and continue sleeping. Everyone would jump out of bed and flee.

If one’s life isn’t in danger, one can say no matter what happens, what will be, will be,  and might take a sleeping pill to sleep more deeply.  Everything depends upon the importance.

There is no laziness or excitement; there is only a sense of the importance of the goal, the next state. If we are talking about a process which is repugnant to our nature, which like all animals, egoistically is drawn to rest, to fulfillment; how can one work for the fulfillment of others? This is simply impossible.

Can a car travel without fuel? Certainly not, it needs fuel. Without this it will not move! Whereas we want to reach a state in which we can advance without fuel. So how is it possible to do this without fulfilling ourselves with a nice and tempting goal? We are not ready to do this.

And here we are confused and don’t understand how to advance, where, to what goal, how to go through this whole process? This is because we truly must begin to work without fuel for our desire for pleasure, to work without an attractive goal for the ego that says it must be filled. We must go to the perpetual motion machine, towards an engine that uses an absolutely different fuel and performs other work.

We just don’t understand how such a thing can exist in reality. This is like a machine that works by itself on some invisible fuel and gets the power of movement by acting for the sake of others, fulfilling them, and doing everything for their good.

I don’t require anything for itself. It’s a miracle, and everything works. I check, does it have fuel? There is no fuel! Is there electricity? There is no electricity! Maybe it at least enjoys benefit from what it is doing? I check, it has no benefit from this! So how can it work?! Thanks to a miracle, a wonder, the power of bestowal! Why? There is no answer.

So how must we proceed towards a state like this where we will be like that machine? This is the whole question. The process moves us towards this, and we must grasp only one thing in it all the time: Connection – connection – connection. And so we pass through the states that are called the forefathers, the entire history of their development after leaving Babylon, then the entry into Egypt, seven years of satiety, seven years of famine, the plagues of Egypt, and the exodus from there.

All this happened only thanks to some kind of higher power that is unknown to us. From the connection between us, I discover all these states called seven years of satiety and seven years of famine, the ten plagues, and the escape from the previous state.

I flee from this entire old paradigm because it cannot help me any more with anything. I see that everything that I have done until now lacks value, and I discover something new here: the possibility of understanding, feeling, and working like that perpetual motion machine that works without fuel, without self-interest, and without fulfillment.

This machine works completely on the basis of a higher power. Suddenly some kind of illumination reaches it from Above and it begins to spin by itself as long as the illumination is in it. And then it’s ready to connect with others, to perform actions, to radiate energy from itself. This is simply amazing; this is the miracle that we have been waiting for so much.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/20/14, Writing of Rabash

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