Laziness Can Be Useful Or Detrimental Depending On How You Use It

heaven A question I received: What should I do if laziness holds me back from advancing, not letting me enter the group and make efforts there?

My Answer: Laziness can be very useful if it is combined with the importance of the spiritual goal. I am lazy to make any movement until I discover the harm that can come to me. Then I have no choice but to overcome my laziness. In this case I don’t do anything extra, but only what is necessary for me in order to achieve the goal of my choice.

Laziness does not have to mean that you are lying down and doing nothing. You may be making tons of efforts, doing lots of unrelated things, but you are lazy to force yourself to do something that is useful for your spiritual progress. For example, say you are sitting at home and not going to sleep on time in order to wake up early for the lesson. This is also a form of laziness.

The root of laziness is that you don’t see a reward that would inspire you to change your present state. That is why you have to increase the value of the reward in your perception. Then you will be able to overcome your laziness. Otherwise, you feel good anyway. You don’t feel a sufficiently great punishment or reward, and that’s why you opt to remain as you are, without changing.

A person who works hard at a simple job and earns pennies can feel lazy to make efforts in order to find a different job. He works hard, but he is lazy to make a change. This example helps us to see that if we use laziness correctly, it will help us to do only the things we need to do, but if we don’t use it right, then it stops us and does not let us create the right conditions for reaching the goal.

Therefore, laziness is a very important quality. By directing it correctly and taking control over it, we can make great progress, as if pressing on the gas or the brakes in a car. This is another example that nothing was created in vain!

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