A Kabbalist’s Inner Work Takes Place In Three Lines

author A question I received: How does a Hassid differ from a Kabbalist?

My Answer: A Hassid wants to erase his egoistic qualities. He is fully immersed in the Light of Mercy (Hessed), which does not expand in height, but only in breadth.

In this situation, a person feels that everything is simple and good, the Creator is the only force present everywhere and in everything, there is nothing besides Him, I live in the Creator’s world, there is no egoism, I accept everything with joy, and I ignore all the doubts. This is a wonderful attitude to life for small people to have, because they immediately accept everything with gratitude to the Creator. This also provides enormous psychological help in dealing with all of life’s difficulties. However, when you have this attitude, you are not working with your egoism.

A Kabbalist, on the other hand, uses his egoistic desires (the left line) and adds them to the right line. The right line has to be present and you have to achieve it first and foremost. You have to start everything from it. But after that, once you have the power of the right line, you should immediately turn to the left line and select the egoistic desires (desires that oppose your spiritual progress) that you can correct.

By correctly combining both lines inside you, you build the middle line. This is done using the power of the left line – the desire, together with the intention of the right line, the intention “for the sake of bestowal.”

Spiritual growth takes place only in the middle line, by using egoism and rising above it. You then receive the Light of Hochma inside it and thus reveal and attain the Upper World, the Creator.

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  1. This is a great explanation that also applies to the course in Peace properly known as A Course In Miracles. It too only focuses on the right line and as you said is essential for those who have psychological difficulties such as low self-esteem as a foundation before embarking on the true work without falling into an impossible state of guilt.

    You have also confirmed my own calculation that I made 2o ro more years ago that resting in the Glory of God was somehow not enough although it was pleasant. It was then that I was shown the Ari Learning Centre and the left line once again (been there before). I somehow knew it was all about balance and I wish us all great luck (via the correct environment) in achieving it.

    Question: Can I please rest in the right line a little for a while, I need a rest right now?

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