The Maidservant And Mistress Described In The Book Of Zohar Are Inside You

Annunaki and Kabbalah Have Nothing in Common Everything that The Book of Zohar speaks of takes place inside of you. All of its characters are various nuances of your relationship with the Upper Force, the Creator, other people and yourself. Later, however, you will begin to unify all of this into a single whole, the only existing reality.

When reading The Book of Zohar, you should always imagine yourself, meaning your qualities, since that is the only thing The Zohar is talking about. When it mentions an animal, for example, then it’s talking about you; a tree – also about you, a teenager – about you, a hill – about you, a maidservant – about you, a mistress – also about you. You are all of these things, which are qualities, not objects.

The qualities of your desire (Malchut) are divided into a maidservant (those that help you) and a mistress (those that control you). The mistress is your corrected state, whereas the part of you that isn’t yet corrected, but that can take part in correction, is called the maidservant.

You are split in two parts – the mistress and the maidservant – with respect to the master or husband, the Creator. That is how the soul feels its relationship with the Creator. Because we receive from Him, we are all His wives, or parts of Malchut.

If you aspire to correct your qualities, then they are defined as a “maidservant who is loyal to her mistress.” This means that even though your qualities are still egoistic, you are nonetheless willing to attain bestowal. This is the soul’s loyalty to its husband, the Creator. If, on the other hand, your qualities desire to work for themselves, they are called an “impure maidservant who is disloyal to her mistress.”

Our goal is to turn all of the maidservant’s uncorrected qualities into the mistress’s corrected qualities. We will then attain the state of “Mistress” – loved by and equal to its lover.

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