Our Only Chance To Ascend Is To Cling To The Upper Level

adjacent The only way our generation can achieve the goal of creation is by using the method created for us by Baal HaSulam. We have to study and absorb what he said without clinging to the content of his books, but instead striving to attain his “spirit” and sticking to it like a child wishes to stick to an adult.

The child does not understand the adult and does not know why the adult acts in a certain way. The child just “clings” to the adult and belongs to him, and that is how he succeeds. This is also how the Upper Level is connected to the lower level. You have to become one with everything the Upper Level gives you by raising its greatness in spite of your egoism.

You have to bring all your qualities into harmony with the Upper Level. This is called “serving the Upper One.” By so doing, you rise to and reveal His level. There is no way to rise from a lower degree to a higher one other than by merging with the AHP of the Upper One.

“Merging with the Upper One” means desiring to reveal His spirit, preferences and thoughts, as well as what is important to Him, how He perceives spirituality, how He thinks and what His attitude is. We can discern all of this through all the external signs which we reveal from the Upper Degree’s manifestation.

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