Perpetual Motion

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe work is always divided into two parts: the period of concealment and in disclosure. Even before the state of disclosure, there are periods when concealment gets stronger and then weaker, and we begin to understand and feel a bit more.

In periods of disclosure, we received illumination in the heart and the mind and then are drawn to unity, studies, the spiritual path, praise the Creator and the goal. And during concealment, we, on the contrary, do not want to advance, are not happy about the working conditions, and neglect the goal. It is possible to move forward here only in faith above reason, due to the dedication of the soul and individual efforts, above one’s own desire and human strength.

These conditions will never change; it is a person who has to change. Just as he sought knowledge and pleasant feelings, filling them during an ascent, so now he must seek devotion of the soul during a descent.

But from where can we get these forces, because the desire to enjoy works only on the fuel called “pleasure”? Pleasure determines the goal and supplies energy for the work that enables us to reach this goal. But if the darkness and concealment thickens, and any desire to go forward disappears, what can we do then?

To a certain point, you need to advance and apply efforts as much as you can. There is a set limit, until which a person can do this, getting fuel from the group, environment, teacher, studies, the Creator, that is, the external sources. But one day he reaches this limit even if all the available means are arranged ideally.

This means that he overflows his measure and a prayer is born above it. He wants to work without any reward, without fulfillment, like a “perpetual motion machine”: to become a machine running without any fuel that is not demanding anything, not the greatness of the goal, not feeling the significance of his action, not any compensation.

He works only because the King needs his work. Moreover, he does not understand that King and does not feel Him in order not to receive from his consciousness any reward and motivation that could be used as fuel. He cares only about not having egoistic fuel! His efforts to do actions without any motivation are called devotion of the soul, self-sacrifice, superhuman efforts, or faith above reason.

That is his goal because it allows a very precise measure whether he really strives to present the upper force, the Creator. If he truly wishes nothing for himself in order to perform the work without any conditions and limitations, infinitely, above any compensations, this is the point through which he begins to touch spirituality at every degree.

This point is called the point above reason. It forms the head (Rosh) of the Partzuf relative to the body (Guf). This is already a higher degree in relation to the current one or adhesion with the AHP of the upper like an embryo. These states are very accurate; a person can measure them and thus advance.

Therefore, devotion of the soul is not a vague concept, but it is measured clearly relative to the human desire to enjoy. If he restricts his desire from all sides and wants to work so that he does not receive any fuel and any compensation for his egoism in anything, either now or in the future, then he rises to the state of faith above reason or devotion of the soul.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/8/13, Shamati #219 “Devotion”

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