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My Thoughts On Twitter 11/27/18

Dr Michael Laitman Twitter

The #EU couldn’t agree on a budget. Everyone is unhappy with it, but each state for its own reasons. Such conflict promises a loss of management and immersion of EU into chaos.
Not to gloat, but I warned back in the 80s that the EU is doomed …

.. since the #future is being designed by egoists with no concern for upgrading people’s upbringing.

But I realize:
This is an opportunity from the Creator
To think about Him instead of myself …
I am empty of spiritual desires…

While thinking about yourself, you can’t think about the group and the Creator
So try not to think about yourself and not to ask for yourself
Cut off any thoughts about yourself as soon as they appear
My request to the Creator is: to make a restriction so my “I” will cease to exist
Then I’ll start building it…

The end of the #liberal global order is clearly visible. Its crisis is a crisis of trust on the part of society. Liberals did not create an image of the common #future—and this is the cause of their demise!

The US expected chaos on the streets after the #elections if Democrats lost. But everyone calmly accepted the election results.
Mainstream #media lie to win, exemplifying blame of the opponent for everything in the name of liberal demagogy … even more audacious than Russian #propaganda.

Creation, Beria, is from the word “Bar“- outside.
Creation is the state of desire when it can be above its nature of receiving. What it loves about the Light isn’t the pleasure, but its noble intention of bestowal, acting above one’s interest.

To raise creation to His degree of bestowal, to equivalence with Him,
the Creator takes direct pleasures away from creation,
and gives it the ability to fill itself with bestowal instead of reception.

Spiritual work isn’t against our animate nature, but about rising above it to higher aims, a different state. Don’t fight ego-nature, but gain the quality of bestowal above it. Build a new degree instead of trying to destroy the old one. This sets #Kabbalah apart from religions!

We can divide #reality into many parts, feel their connections, “check harmony with algebra,” quantitatively describe our sensations and learn to work with that which was initially just a feeling, #egoistic desire, “evil inclination,” and is then managed by light.

Once the Jewish people rise to a higher level of human connection, the nations will replace their hostile attitude toward them with a friendly attitude. As a result, a new Renaissance will emerge — in #Europe and across the world.

From Twitter, 11/27/18

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Feel The Difference Between Malchut And Bina

laitman_962.4The problem is to achieve the correct discernment. After all, who knows how objective I am? It is said that “For a bribe doth blind the eyes of the wise,” and I do not know how it might affect me, whether my opinion is influenced or not. Initially, we try to evaluate things by other standards, like when we compare our children to others’ or our qualities to others’.

Egoism operates at all levels, which is why it is so difficult to discern the truth and objectively reveal the flaws in oneself. Therefore, we must ask for the ability to see things as objectively as possible in order to observe and evaluate not from our own perspective, not from Malchut, but from the height of Bina. To the extent that a person receives a portion of the Light, he acquires the ability to distinguish his own opinion from the opinion of the upper Light. Only then can he become a real expert.

Even if I try to pray for society and not for myself, I must demand the ability to remain an objective judge from above so that the Creator would shine through me. If not, then my opinion would certainly remain egoistic. In order for the prayer to be sincere, I have to rise above my desire to enjoy, see everything from the degree of Bina, and compare it to what I saw from the degree of Malchut. The revelation of the difference between these two degrees is called “recognition of evil.”

If I do not have the two degrees Bina and Malchut, and do not feel the difference between them, and thus do not have the recognition of evil. I do not know where I am, and I possibly keep wandering inside my egoism.1

Soon, the expertise in the spiritual work, the work of the Creator, will become the most popular profession in the world. This is what we are preparing for, and all this work consists of building a network of connections between us. We are ready to say anything with words, but we have no power over our hearts, which leads us to the recognition of evil.

Therefore, we must exert effort as if the heart has already been corrected, and the Creator will finish this work for us and correct our hearts. We only need to create the place where He can work. If we complete our preparations, then the Creator will fulfill His end of the deal.

We are required to do all we can, in the fullest measure, “until the cup overflows.” The moment the cup overflows with our efforts, the Creator will interfere and finish the job: He will change our nature.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/18, Lesson on the Topic “The Mutual Guarantee”
1 Minute 20:02
2 Minute 46:01

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What Is The Essence Of The Method Of Kabbalah?

laitman_264.01Question: What is the essence of the method of Kabbalah? Is it to instill a gene of spiritual altruism in as many people as possible?

Answer: The essence of the method is to unite the desires of all people into one common desire and for everyone to start feeling as one whole with others. Then a person will lose the feeling that he exists alone, separated from the others.

We cannot imagine how much our individualities, when merged, form one common individuality called “Adam,” which means “human” in Hebrew. This is what has been created.

Currently, each one of us perceives only small, partial fragments of this system. However, we should reach a state when we will perceive the entire system of Adam as a single whole and ourselves as existing together.

Imagine the transformation we need to go through in our feelings and understanding to feel ourselves merged with everyone, without any difference between us, in one common desire, in one common thought! And where is my personality, my past? I dissolve inside the others.

It is impossible to describe, but this is what we should eventually come to. We will see how our physical world gradually becomes ephemeral, imaginary, illusory.

We must actively transform ourselves from the current state to the new one. This new state is very real. It can be compared to how one cell, by starting to feel the whole organism, which consists of billions of cells, feels itself not in itself, but in all cells at once. Such a transformation takes place here; there are no analogs in our world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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Blitz Of Kabbalah Tips – 6/3/18

laitman_281.02Question: On the way to spiritual development, can what seemed bad to me yesterday seem good to me today and vice versa? If so, then what should I believe, what can I rely upon?

Answer: That is right. It is definitely possible that what seemed bad to me yesterday will turn out to be good today. And it may also be the opposite. It is possible to determine what is bad and good only in relation to your group, not in any other way.

Question: In order to enter into contact with the Creator, must I feel a blow?

Answer: Try not to identify with your egoism; that is how you will not feel blows.

Question: Is the left line spiritual egoism or egoism of our world?

Answer: The left line includes everything. The difference between spiritual and physical egoism is that spiritual egoism is explicitly directed against the Creator, while physical egoism is not explicit. But in principle, it is the same power of reception.

Question: What are the principles of spiritual forces being clothed in physical carriers?

Answer: In dealing with the wisdom of Kabbalah, we do not see physical carriers, we see spiritual forces. Instead of a person, we see the force he personifies and how he performs everything. The external appearance of a person has no importance for me, not even his actions: is he flying somewhere, traveling, doing something…what is important to me is only how this spiritual force works.

Question: Is seeing what the Creator has created the first attainment?

Answer: It is not necessary to see anything. We begin to feel the property of bestowal, the wisdom of faith above us, as a determining characteristic, and this is what manages us. Nothing else is necessary.

Question: Does a Kabbalist see the connection between the desire and the force? Is every force a desire? Is every desire this force?

Answer: Yes, it is possible to say that the desire and the force are the same thing.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/3/18

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New Life 103 – Pregnancy And Childbirth: After Birth

New Life 103 – Pregnancy And Childbirth: After Birth
Dr. Michael Laitman in conversation with Oren Levi and Nitzah Mazoz

The social environment that surrounds a family after the birth of a new baby affects the baby’s success in life. After being thrust into a new world, the baby needs to learn about connection through games, play, and stories. An atmosphere of connection needs to be created in the home. Even if the mother experiences postpartum depression and the father is nervous, they need to pretend that the situation is good and act in this way for the benefit of the developing child. All negative emotions come deliberately out of nature so that we learn to connect above them. Parents can practice through workshops at home such as speaking only about the importance of being parents and avoiding any negative comments.
From KabTV’s “New Life 103 – Pregnancy And Childbirth: After Birth ,” 11/13/12

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 11/27/18

Lesson Preparation

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Lesson on the Topic “Revealing The Creator In The Connection Between Us” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention 2018)

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Writings of Baal HaSulam, Newspaper “The Nation”, Title “The Individual and the Nation”

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