Feel The Difference Between Malchut And Bina

laitman_962.4The problem is to achieve the correct discernment. After all, who knows how objective I am? It is said that “For a bribe doth blind the eyes of the wise,” and I do not know how it might affect me, whether my opinion is influenced or not. Initially, we try to evaluate things by other standards, like when we compare our children to others’ or our qualities to others’.

Egoism operates at all levels, which is why it is so difficult to discern the truth and objectively reveal the flaws in oneself. Therefore, we must ask for the ability to see things as objectively as possible in order to observe and evaluate not from our own perspective, not from Malchut, but from the height of Bina. To the extent that a person receives a portion of the Light, he acquires the ability to distinguish his own opinion from the opinion of the upper Light. Only then can he become a real expert.

Even if I try to pray for society and not for myself, I must demand the ability to remain an objective judge from above so that the Creator would shine through me. If not, then my opinion would certainly remain egoistic. In order for the prayer to be sincere, I have to rise above my desire to enjoy, see everything from the degree of Bina, and compare it to what I saw from the degree of Malchut. The revelation of the difference between these two degrees is called “recognition of evil.”

If I do not have the two degrees Bina and Malchut, and do not feel the difference between them, and thus do not have the recognition of evil. I do not know where I am, and I possibly keep wandering inside my egoism.1

Soon, the expertise in the spiritual work, the work of the Creator, will become the most popular profession in the world. This is what we are preparing for, and all this work consists of building a network of connections between us. We are ready to say anything with words, but we have no power over our hearts, which leads us to the recognition of evil.

Therefore, we must exert effort as if the heart has already been corrected, and the Creator will finish this work for us and correct our hearts. We only need to create the place where He can work. If we complete our preparations, then the Creator will fulfill His end of the deal.

We are required to do all we can, in the fullest measure, “until the cup overflows.” The moment the cup overflows with our efforts, the Creator will interfere and finish the job: He will change our nature.2
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/14/18, Lesson on the Topic “The Mutual Guarantee”
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2 Minute 46:01

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