What Is The Essence Of The Method Of Kabbalah?

laitman_264.01Question: What is the essence of the method of Kabbalah? Is it to instill a gene of spiritual altruism in as many people as possible?

Answer: The essence of the method is to unite the desires of all people into one common desire and for everyone to start feeling as one whole with others. Then a person will lose the feeling that he exists alone, separated from the others.

We cannot imagine how much our individualities, when merged, form one common individuality called “Adam,” which means “human” in Hebrew. This is what has been created.

Currently, each one of us perceives only small, partial fragments of this system. However, we should reach a state when we will perceive the entire system of Adam as a single whole and ourselves as existing together.

Imagine the transformation we need to go through in our feelings and understanding to feel ourselves merged with everyone, without any difference between us, in one common desire, in one common thought! And where is my personality, my past? I dissolve inside the others.

It is impossible to describe, but this is what we should eventually come to. We will see how our physical world gradually becomes ephemeral, imaginary, illusory.

We must actively transform ourselves from the current state to the new one. This new state is very real. It can be compared to how one cell, by starting to feel the whole organism, which consists of billions of cells, feels itself not in itself, but in all cells at once. Such a transformation takes place here; there are no analogs in our world.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 6/24/18

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