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The spiritual realm is ruled by the system 10=1; less than 10 doesn’t exist. The Creator said, “I came, but there isn’t a single man.” This means there are people, but they aren’t united as one. Hence there’s no spiritual quality and the group doesn’t exist in the spiritual sense.

The plan of creation contains the entire program of correction till the final state. But the system doesn’t get launched without our consent. We don’t create anything new, “There’s nothing new under the sun,” but we attain and launch the stages of correction.
The novelty in the system is me, who manages the correction.

In the initial state of the soul of ADAM, the capacity of the parts’ connection on the NaRaN degree is 620 times less than the planned final one since it was connected only by bestowing desires. Whereas we attain the full connection of all 600,000 parts of the soul …
… with receiving desires by the light of NaRaNHY.

In the beginning the system of the common soul of Adam HaRishon broke and disintegrated into parts. These parts are us, and we must look for ways to reunite. Inside each broken part, instead of light there is a part of the screen, a spark pulling us toward unity.
We must “fan” it and unite.

Moving toward each other, sparks of the parts of the soul unite into families, communities and nations, and then connections as well as quarrels arise between them. They invent religion, science and cultures. Eventually they start to feel that nothing allows them to connect properly,
and thus they come to Kabbalah.

Throughout all times people aimed to build a better future. This is why they got married, studied and built things. Most importantly, they had plans! Today the world’s finite nature is becoming apparent: terrorism is heroic and drugs are used to foster the imagination.

The #future is gone. This befits a beast, but not a human being…

The continually growing egoism is bringing Europe to the inability to find common solutions. Europe aspired to unite, but today nationalistic trends are manifesting. Germany is full of refugees and fears losing its stability and identity. Europeans are losing their place in the world.
From Twitter, 11/26/18

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