My Thoughts On Twitter 11/10/18

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A spiritual person is someone who has 2 degrees:
– the natural, egoistic feelings and reason.
– above them, spiritual sensations and reason, aimed at bestowal.
He is between them. The more he expands his spiritual feelings and reason, the greater are his egoistic mind and heart.

I need nothing more, all degrees of faith are built above the growing ego.

Having gained the 1st faith above reason, the thread connecting me to the Creator, I want to stay there. But ego is revealed: it protests, lowers me and compels me to reach greater faith above reason.
The basis of faith is the thread connecting me to the Creator.

The basis of ego-progress disappears, but if one doesn’t quit Kabbalah, he gains the quality of bestowal, faith. One needs only to know: I am connected to the Creator. Like King David: when left with nothing, he saw only a sign of his covenant with Him and relaxed, not needing more.

Work above reason contradicts material feelings and reason and cannot be accepted in our world, in the will to enjoy alone. This work requires an additional desire—to bestow, a higher degree. Spiritual work takes place on two contradictory degrees.
From Twitter, 11/10/18

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