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The Creator deliberately creates problems in the group. He shows me a movie—which doesn’t really exist! The Creator shows me that the group exists, suffers, has problems etc. What for? For me to turn to Him. Yes, it’s in order for me to turn to Him.

Having passed the first stages of spiritual development, the student starts feeling them inside: “I’ll know You from Your actions in me.” He gains experience and acquires reason, as written,”Wisdom comes only with experience.” Gradually the student will be able to advance by himself.

In Kabbalah the teacher leads the student like an adult teaches a baby to walk. The teacher walks together with the student, giving him his reason, and the student follows the teacher like the body follows the head. Of course, this is possible only inasmuch as the student agrees to annul to the teacher.

Everything is relative to me.

Religious faith is psychological, unsubstantiated conviction. When there’s proof, it becomes knowledge, not faith. To a Kabbalist, the Upper Force is knowledge, attainment. Before revealing it, it’s not there, like an undiscovered scientific phenomenon to a scientist.

And then in mutual bestowal—love, Gadlut.

The difficulty of spiritual progress to equivalence with the Creator is that one must become increasingly more similar to Him “in group unity,” meaning by each person annulling to the group to turn the group into one whole, similar to the Creator by annulling ego, Katnut.

One who studies Kabbalah sets out on the path of acquiring a new nature in spite of the previous one, faith above reason. This becomes continually more difficult, but that’s the nature of the degrees of ascension to the Creator by equivalence of form.

The Creator deliberately creates problems in the group. He shows me that the group exists, suffers, and has problems—so I would ask Him for them. In reality, everything I see is my soul, my inner egoistic world. I ask not for others, but for my soul!

The main thing is to perceive all of the group’s problems and ask the Creator for them. Everything that’s bad in the group—feel it in you and ask the Creator to correct it, to help the group come closer to Him. I only ask and I don’t need anything else. This is the best prayer.

We must assess all actions this way: Would the Creator act like this? If yes, but He didn’t, then He left it for me to do. Then I act instead of the Creator and start feeling that I occupy His place. I thus become equal to Him and am called Adam, meaning similar to the Creator.
From Twitter, 11/1/18

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