My Thoughts On Twitter 10/31/18

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Ego is harmful relations between souls that used to be tied by good bonds and mutual help, but then the connection broke and turned into mutual hate, rejection, egoistic use of each other. This is what we must correct. The Creator will be revealed in the connection of #souls.

All our actions and appeals to the Creator are to connect the individual broken souls—desires that scattered from the common soul of Adam and fell from that quality. No individual soul is broken or egoistic by itself. It’s their connections that are broken and we need to correct.

If the group doesn’t follow the teacher’s advice to unite in spite of its ego-desires, then it doesn’t build itself by Kabbalah’s laws. It’s not a Kabbalistic group but a philosophy club where people study to satisfy their egos. Faith above reason is acquired only against oneself.

After 18 years in office #Merkel decided to step down from the post of Chancellor in 2021. She wasn’t Europe’s savior, her ideas (boosting Euro-integration and EU unity) aren’t met favorably.
But how will the accrued problems and migration crisis be solved?…it’s going to get ugly!

It’s time to practically realize all the theoretical knowledge received over many years. We aren’t able to, in order to ask for each other, since only the Creator can help us. This is why He sends us all the states and the teacher and books explain it. We try—and ask the Creator.

The contradiction grows with each spiritual degree, until the 125th.

The spiritual path lies in faith above reason, knowledge received from the teacher on how to proceed against my own. So just be guided by the upper one’s opinion, while keeping your own. Their difference is the height of my spiritual degree.

US Jews thought #antisemitism existed, but not in the USA.
They’re quick to forget anti-Semites, but they’ll be reminded more often. It’s time for “the final solution to the Jewish question.” Kabbalah suggests: by giving the world an example of unity! The nations are waiting for it!
From Twitter, 10/31/18

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