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The right work is when I awaken the Creator to connection (although underneath He is always first). If I reveal the path of light, it changes the world.
If I don’t awaken the Creator, He awakens me: light that would have shone and filled me, now acts as darkness, the opposite side.

Mutual guarantee is my insurance policy, guaranteeing that I’ll continue the spiritual path if I care for others, forgetting myself. Only the condition of constantly caring about bringing the group and world to the Creator, instead of myself (Arvut) guarantees spiritual progress.

Those not doing spiritual work suffer from revelation of ego, evil. They want to ignore it, cover their eyes with their hands like children. But Kabbalists, like adults, understand that the Creator made evil so man will reveal Him above it. There’s nothing extraneous in creation!

A sign of proper work is joy from the sinners being revealed in me. I’m happy about evil being revealed in me since it’s a result of my work. I don’t annul it, but rise above it. That’s the difference between a Kabbalist who works for the Creator and one who doesn’t work for Him

We can’t rise to the degree of love and bestowal until hatred, rejection, is revealed. Above them we build the right line: unity, love, closeness, mutual understanding, as written, “Love will cover all sins.” If there are no sins, there is no love—they must grow one after the other.

Building new senses of perception to reveal the spiritual world means building connections between us in which we can reveal the Creator and thus give Him joy. This new perception is called “faith above reason,” the degree of Bina, bestowal, an altruistic intention.

The upper degree is called faith and is based on bestowal. The lower degree is called reason, based on egoistic
reception. I must sense their contradiction, receiving both from the Creator. I’m between them. Through them I want to cling tighter to Him, who “created the sky and earth.”
From Twitter, 11/11/18

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