My Thoughts On Twitter 12/2/18

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Within the Jewish nation there’s Kabbalah—the method of uniting the nations. As soon as they unite, the positive force radiates outwards to the whole world. But if they let the egoistic force rule them, then irrational hatred, #Antisemitisim, awakens in the whole system…
… the light of redemption, the quality of bestowal, purifies me.

#Hanukkah is attained by the victory of the light of bestowal, Bina, over darkness, reception, Malchut. The desire to be like the Creator, to attain unity against one’s ego. Although the heart, the Temple, is broken, I find the point in the heart, a jar of oil, and I light it …
… in countries and nations.

Even if we attain abundance in the world, we’ll make life unbearable with our horrible relationships.
And when we’ll wish to come out of hatred to love, a war will break out between us.
We will understand that the only solution, to unite, isn’t in our power.
We need the upper force of unity.

The gap between the rich and poor is growing. #Unemployment is growing every day. This is the plague of the world. Salvation lies in instituting a mandatory income for every person in need, educating EVERYONE about social unity…
… and shifting the mass media to explaining the need for social works. #inequality #UniversalBasicIncome

We’ll start to understand that this was done deliberately from the beginning so we’ll need the upper force’s help—and we’ll cleave to its quality of connection and love, till full adhesion among us and with it. That’s how we will reveal the Creator—the only force in the world
From Twitter, 12/2/18

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