Each One Is Responsible For All, And All For One

laitman_962.3The purpose of creation is our correction of the shattering that occurred between us, the egoistic beginning that stands between us which is killing us, creating a feeling of temporary and damaged existence, into a desire to unite “as one man with one heart.” Everyone will perceive the others as himself, not feeling any difference between his friend and himself.

Whether we like it or not, this is the goal, and all of humanity is moving toward it. But of course, there are parts that are more advanced along this path, and others less so. This is not up to us; it depends on the informational genes and desires placed in each of us that determine each person’s place in this process: whether he is at the forefront, nearing, or even entering correction, or if he is trailing in the back where this process and the goal of creation are not even felt.

Our worldwide group Bnei Baruch is honored to be at the very forefront of those who implement the correction of creation in our generation. First, we need to connect with each other, and then the rest of humanity will join us to become as one person with one heart.

Such a connection is called mutual guarantee, a special connection where everyone depends on each other and each person is responsible for all others. We are the pioneers, and the rest of the world will follow. To the extent that we succeed in uniting, we will be able to feel within our common vessel the power of unity, which is called the Creator, the upper Light.

According to the power of our unity, the Creator is revealed more and more, as the Light of Nefesh, Ruach, Neshama, Haya, and Yechida. Yechida is the highest form of connection we can possibly achieve. This power is revealed only because of our efforts and due to our success, and this is why we have been given the science of Kabbalah, the science of connection, the goal of which is to lead a person to love his friend like himself, which is the formula of good and right connection.

The goal of this congress is to scrutinize the conditions needed to achieve the principles of creation, its program, and purpose. Therefore, our goal is to reveal the Creator inside our connection in practice.

To the extent of our success, we will influence all others because we are the center in this generation where the strongest and the most advanced people are concentrated in terms of implementing correction. These forces will spread from us to all who want to join us that feel that a higher power and this entire life pushes them to unite.

These days, the necessity of such connection is becoming apparent all over the world because people are feeling not just their suffering, but also its cause. And this is already the revelation of evil that gradually leads us toward correction.

We have a big task ahead of us and each one has to feel responsible for the rest as an important part of a single system. If he fails to realize his function to the fullest extent, this flaw will be felt in the entire system on all its levels and in all the connections.

The first step in achieving this connection is to separate oneself from one’s own benefit, to raise above one’s “I” and dedicate oneself to the group, like a mother who is completely devoted to her baby. Then the only thing of importance for me will be what benefits or hinders the connection, and each moment I will check myself according to the internal or external conditions that the Creator brings us in order to lead us to the one common soul.

In this common spiritual vessel, the single upper force will be revealed to us, and it will let us enter the mutual guarantee, the feeling of unity, which is the upper spiritual force. That is why we must raise above our “I” and enter the “We.”1
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2718, Lesson on the Topic “Revealing The Creator In The Connection Between Us” (Preparation for the Virtual Convention 2018)
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