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The right suffering aims us toward the goal of creation, toward inclusion in the group. Without it, it’s impossible to advance correctly. Like in a radar system, the rocket is always adjusting, so we must check and adjust instead of perceiving it as suffering.

The degree of suffering depends on the greatness of the goal. As great as the goal is in my eyes and as far as it is, this is felt as suffering.
The magnitude of suffering propels me forward. If I see the goal and know that I have the method to achieve it …
I am sure that I am on the path of light. The suffering illuminates my path.

How do you use yourself for advancement?
When you are in the group and see that your qualities are against unity.
There’s not one quality that connects you to the friends.
You are absolutely different, pushing them away from you.
This is the opportunity to unite!

Carrying out the commandments means observing the conditions of unifying into one soul, Adam. It comprises many egoistic desires, which must create altruistic connections among them and in that connection become similar to the Creator, the quality of bestowal.
Until adhesion by intention!

In our world everything is ruled by money. It’s likewise in the spiritual world.
In Hebrew money is Kesef, from the word “Kisuf,” covering—to the degree egoism is covered by the quality of bestowal, a screen, Masach, Mehaseh—covering, ego—reception turns into bestowal …
… spiritual capital is earned—the light is revealed.

Wishing to replace the aim of the work, to give pleasure to the Creator instead of oneself, one needs faith in the Creator, attainment of His greatness. Because to that extent he will be able to bestow to Him.

Hence one must pray for the Creator to reveal His greatness, which gives energy to efforts with the intention for bestowal.

There is no energy for spiritual work since there is no sensation of the importance of serving the Creator. Since I don’t know Whom I am giving to. There is no knowledge of the Creator’s greatness, of what a joy it is to serve Him. I don’t feel His greatness…and there’s no energy to work. But to the degree of the Creator’s greatness, it is a pleasure to serve Him. If only we could get such forces!

To have energy to bestow with no reward, for the work itself to be the reward—one must have faith in the Creator, i.e., faith in His greatness. Without faith in His greatness, there is no energy to bestow. When feeling the Creator’s greatness, you work without any reward.
The reward is in the work itself, service is wealth.

The decline started a long time ago—but for now it’s removing the cream and not the bare skin off the elites. If Trump takes control of the Fed from the financiers, we will take the path closer to unity. If the financiers win, we’ll take the path of suffering.
In any case, the solution lies in educating the population to unite everyone.

Crisis in society shows in its mental state. The reason for the crisis is—that we are designed to live in society but isolate ourselves from each other. Instead of cooperation from an early age—competition, jealousy. Hence mental problems, drug addiction. Correction is in closeness!
From Twitter, 12/25/18

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