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Spiritual work comes down to a change in #values. At first, my state seems hopeless. But gradually, the values change in me, and I feel the same state as good. I feel that I rise above my old impressions, and now I feel they were good.

Spiritual growth occurs precisely through the opening of emptiness in a person, felt by descents. The void must be filled with the Creator’s greatness, in the group. All progress is in finding and filling voids revealing unsatisfied desires and filling them with the power of the Creator.

In reality, the field that’s revealed to us in descent as darkness, is filled with light, the will to bestow, but not wishing to bestow, we feel bad!
It’s like Pharaoh is in Egypt—instead of the Land of Israel and the Creator in it—this depends only on our perception, desire.

If each person perceives upper light personally, it appears black from Malchut.
But if we want to rise to Keter, then on the path from Malchut to Keter we must unite into a ten. Then it’s not Malchut, but Keter that starts to shine for us, not with black but with white light.
It all depends on unification.

In our world the forces of bestowal and reception mutually exclude each other, try to annul one another. But Kabbalah, the wisdom of reception, explains how to attain the balance of two opposite forces, where they will complement each other—then, between them, spiritual life becomes possible.

What’s a descent? The Creator frees another layer of desire from ego’s power and it makes us feel bad. Because we are used to enjoying inside that desire, and now we can’t. But He gives us a chance to fill this emptiness with His presence, the force of bestowal, faith above reason.

We must connect everything taking place in the world to our growing egoism. It evokes revolution, progress —and decline, similar to the periods when Jews lived in Egypt. Today the world is about to come out of egoism, to realize that ego is evil and the cause of all ills.

Pressure on the Jews is growing.

There are two camps in the USA:
Powell, everything for the elite, and Trump @realDonaldTrump, everything for the country, have clashed.
How beautiful:
since precisely opposition against Trump builds his actions.
The system of opposition works—and the people, the country, win!

There are just two forces—bestowal and reception. All reality, the whole world, is based on them. #Kabbalah teaches how to bring them to balance, to the middle line. Its stabilization on all degrees, from zero to full egoism—this is the subject of Kabbalah.

All contradictions are only between creation and the Creator, between us and Him. We must balance them out, bring them to the 3rd line, where we coincide with the Creator with our intentions. This is the goal of creation—absolute adhesion between two absolutely opposite forces.
From Twitter, 12/22/18

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