Jumping To The Past And The Future

Laitman_177.06Question: If time and this world do not exist, except within the boundaries of the egoistic perception of the ocean of the upper Light, is it possible to leap in time with the help of Kabbalah?

Answer: Of course you can. If I can integrate into a group, that is, by annulling myself and enter some Kli (spiritual vessel) that exists on a particular level, then I can make a leap in time as if in a spaceship. At the same time, I can alter my own states many times faster.

As well, I can make leaps in space because I rise along with this group to its level and have them elevate me with their AHP. That is quite an interplanetary travel.

Our material world is exclusively mechanical. You cannot change time, place, space or motion, except for within the framework that exists in it.

Question: So, can I accelerate my spiritual development?

Answer: If you accelerate your spiritual development, you remain in the spiritual spaceship, not the material one. You cannot do anything in the corporeal ship. Everything that exists here is dead.

Question: We can’t even transport into the past here, a few million years ago?

Answer: We can’t, and we’ll never be able to. You can only slightly alter corporeal time by approaching the speed of light, like Einstein said. Although you still will be unable to change anything because all this nearing the speed of light is purely mechanical, conceptual.

Question: What does “jumping into the past” mean from the spiritual perspective?

Answer: It means to come several degrees lower. Baal HaSulam asked the Creator to bring him one degree lower, so that he could converse with regular people. This is called a “jump into the past.”

Or you could come into a strong group that you can influence so that you can disappear in it like an embryo in its mother’s womb, and it raises you to its level. This is called a “jump into the future.” Moreover, you can control jumping into the past or the future because they depend on your screen.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian, 8/12/2018

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