Practice Love For The Creator

Laitman_138Question: How do Kabbalists practice love for the Creator and what does it feel like?

Answer: Let’s try this practice together.

Try to constantly keep yourself in a thought that you want to love the Creator, you want to do good to Him, you aspire to Him with all your soul, you want to get closer to Him and feel Him.

Try and see whether you can develop an inner feeling that you are lacking this connection.

Best of all is to constantly think: “I would very much like to do good to Him.” Such inner yearning will quickly evoke certain sensations within you, and then you will be able to say: “Indeed, there is some point of a special attitude toward the Creator in me. Based on that, I can develop further.”

I repeat and keep thinking: “I want to have a constant urge to do good to the Creator. But I do not want the Creator to know about it. I just want to do it myself.” That is all.
From the Kabbalah Lesson in Russian 12/23/18

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