Love The Lord Your God With All Your Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe goal of the created being is to enjoy all the pleasures that the Creator wants to give him, but what pleasures are we talking about? The Creator cannot give the created being less than His own level since, otherwise, it isn’t considered bestowal and love. The Creator’s attitude toward the created being is determined by the law of “Love thy friend as thyself.” He demands this from you, but you have the right to ask Him, in response, whether He acts according to this law or not. If He does, then there must be such a law in nature.

This law does exist! It is the attitude of Keter to Malchut, to the created being, “Love thy friend as thyself.” Malchut must reach the same attitude of “Love thy friend as thyself” by the Returning Light. This is called mutual bestowal, mutual love. Everything is very simple.

The Creator is whole, He is total love and bestowal and thus, He gives creation all this. Therefore, His attitude is called the four phases of the Direct Light.

However, the created being cannot relate to the Creator in the same direct way and acquire the same form since he only receives from the Creator in the four phases of the Direct Light. In order to relate to the Creator in the same way, the created being must go through the entire process of development all the way to the end of correction.

After all, it is about attitude. The problem isn’t receiving pleasure from the Creator, but is about how I feel it and how I repay Him. There is no problem in receiving pleasure. Malchut of Ein Sof (Infinity) received it and it also led to the “first restriction.” The Creator gave it a spark while it was still in phase one of the Direct Light, and it felt that it was obligated to bestow back. It doesn’t want to only receive.

Phase two stems from phase one since otherwise everything would end in phase one. It turns out that the problem is not to receive from the Creator, but the feeling that you must repay Him and you have nothing to give Him! How can you repay Him? You cannot give Him back the Light that you received from Him since it is as if you return to the host the refreshments that He prepared for you so that He will eat it. It is impossible since the Creator Himself stands before you.

He shows you His good attitude and it is revealed as the pleasure that fills all your desires, but what do you value about it? Is it His attitude toward you? Is it His love or the pleasure itself, regardless of the Creator? Suppose I bring you something that you really love and you reject it. Do you reject it because of the food itself or because I bring it to you with such love that you cannot accept it?

If a waiter in a restaurant brought you that dish, you would accept it without hesitation and would enjoy its taste. However, you refuse to accept it from me since you cannot repay my attitude, my love. You restrict yourself with regard to the love. You cannot bear it since it requires mutuality.

You must calculate the love since this is what causes you shame. You don’t feel any shame with regard to the food since you think that, because the Creator has created you, He must feed you and fill you. It is obvious. However, you cannot return His love! So, starting from the “first restriction” onward, you look for a way to cope with this love, examine what this love is, how it is revealed, where it comes from, what is the connection between this love and the pleasure you feel in your desire, and what is its part in all the Light of NRNHY that fills the vessels.

When you reach a state in which you think that you can receive in order to bestow in the world of Nekudim, you are shattered, and this entire shattering is actually because of the love, because you couldn’t take it into account. You still don’t understand its root since it belongs to the Creator. Its love comes to you from Him, and that is His feeling. It evokes in you certain reactions that you don’t understand.

You don’t understand what this feeling means and why you suddenly feel shame, discomfort, and cannot bear it to such an extent that you begin to fight with Him, mainly in order to destroy the feeling of unpleasantness that you feel because of His love toward you.

The shattering of the vessels allows us to establish the hatred against the love, so “Mt. Sinai” was the starting point of the nation. We wouldn’t be able to begin working on it without the preparation in the exile in Egypt and the wandering in the desert. Therefore, as it is written, “Love the Lord thy God with all your heart,” which is the whole essence of the connection.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/17/13, Talmud Eser Sefirot

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