A Preprogrammed Mistake

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How did the breaking in the world of Nekudim occur? How could such a mistake happen?

Answer: The fact of the matter is that in the opposition between the Light and desire, there is an element that appeared “from absence.” This is why it is not able to take into consideration everything that can be found in “existence from existence,” that is, the Light.

I look at the Light and it seems to me that I do everything like Him. I am like a small child who takes a plastic hammer and pounds, copying his father. He does not understand what the father is doing, and he thinks he is doing exactly the same thing. He does not feel that his actions are not real! It is because in his state of smallness and little mind, these actions are absolutely equal to his father’s.

And when a calculation in the desires is performed in the world of Nekudim, certain data, which they are yet unable to perceive, disappears from it. And then the breaking helps them uncover the difference between the desired and the actual, as they discover their mistake and the reason for the breaking.

They suddenly see that “Lev Ha Even (the stony heart),” desires that we did not take into consideration, were also present there. I did not even know that something like this exists in me! And now I reveal these desires and am able to correct myself.

The breaking is not ruin, but correction, the revelation of concealed desires. And for this reason, as we ascend the spiritual ladder from below upward, we constantly reveal desires that are broken even more, as it is written: “The higher the person, the bigger his egoism.”

The breaking was final because they bet everything, the entire Light of Infinity, intending to correct it in all the desires. And this is why the entire depth of desire was revealed.

It is no accident that Partzuf Atik is created according to the conditions of Tzimtzum Aleph (the First Restriction). In Atik and even in Arich Anpin, there are a multitude of such systems (“Kruma de Ovira,” dividers in the brain, and “Mocha Stima,” the concealed mind, and so on), with Malchut of the world of Infinity present in them, with the entire Light of Infinity standing against it.

These two forces, “existence from existence” (Yesh Mi Yesh) and “existence from absence” (Yesh Mi Ain), are present in the head (Rosh) of the world of Atzilut. And the fragments of the breaking are under them. And then they analyze one in relation to the other according to an upside-down triangle: Above, on one side, there is the entire Light of Infinity, the entire infinite desire is on the other side, and the breaking is below. The order and the degrees of correction become clarified in this head, by comparing these three components: the Creator, the creature, and the actual difference between them.

Gmar Tikkun, the completely corrected state, is inside Arich Anpin. But on the outside, it is covered with special Partzufim called “hair,” which conceal it from the lower ones. The word “hair” (Searot) comes from the word “storm” (Seara), a restriction. It is because every time it restrains its desire and manifests in some weak form in order to appear before the lower one and give it an opportunity to correct itself.

The correction of the lower one is to become like the upper one. When a mother plays with her child, she pretends to be little and thus gives him an example of how he should relate to her. This way she raises him higher and higher.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/2011, TES

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