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It is written in the Introduction to the #Zohar (item 71): If the outer part of the nation strengthens and lessens the inner part of the people of #Israel, the Kabbalists, then the outer part of the world nations, the vandals, intensify and annul their inner part, the righteous of the nations.

I’m personally acquainted with Dr. Guy Bechor and agree with him.
There is hope that the #Jews will understand that there are only two paths: to perish from the hatred of the people or to lead the correction of the world. The decision is ours. Anti-Semites are not at fault.
Blame those who can change the fate—the Jews!

Evil and Good come into the world for Israel (see Talmud, Yavamot 631) and through Israel they act upon all nations of the world.
Israel’s behavior determines whether the world is governed by good or evil.
Observance of unity (mutual guarantee) in the nation and between it and the Creator determines the state of the world.

Nazism is a product of democracy and socialism that have discarded faith and upbringing. Hence in our time it is developing in every country, starting with democratic states. If the nation of Israel doesn’t set an example of unity for the nations, this will lead to World War III.

The hatred of the nations toward Israel comes from its mission to correct the common soul (desire) Adam for all, egoistic after the fall, desire to receive above the desire to give. By correcting its egoism, Israel will change the world nations’ bad attitude toward it for good.

In the general system of souls (Adam), Israel (Lirosh), head of the system, lays the foundation for growth of the whole system, the duty to develop correctly and lead all the nations of the world in the development of soul, until full correction in similarity to the Creator.

Isra-el means Li-Rosh, the head of the system of souls. They are the first to receive the signals and pass them on to the nations of the world. It is impossible to do without them, everyone depends on them. The system is purposely broken by the fall – egoism so that the nations of the world would obligate the people of Israel to carry out their mission.

The volume of the world debt of $243 trillion is 3 times the #GDP of the planet.
If it blows up it will result in crises, the system of connections will get out of control.
Solution: The Torah instructs us to write off #debts.
And since the entire #economy is egoistic, it should be limited to sensible #consumption.
From Twitter, 4/30/19

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