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There is nothing in the world that doesn’t serve as a means to attain the goal.
When I aspire to the goal, everything pushes me toward it. When I am distracted and pay attention to the disturbances instead of using them as a means to attain the goal, then instead of help they become disturbances.

There’s no need to analyze the disturbances—we can never understand them while we are on their degree. We must rise above them, thinking only about the spiritual goal and overcoming disturbances, the way water paves a path through a cliff.

All the disturbances are necessary—they direct us, helping us come out of egoism. At every step, we must learn how to turn toward the Creator. To make this adjustment, we constantly receive signals from our egoism and from the Creator—and according to them, we can adjust the direction toward the goal.

No matter how much man tries to relate to the Creator as good and just, he will reveal facts that are opposite to that—precisely so he will have no other possibility but to accept the Creator’s governance as good and just by faith above reason. No one will help me except myself…to beg the Creator to help me!

If I wish to clearly see the Creator’s good governance, it looks like a demand for proof of His goodness and lack of faith in His perfection. But I wish to show my faith in His absolute goodness and hence I need precisely the disturbances against the good Creator. To see the injustice and go above it.

The problem of adhering to the Creator’s governance lies in the fact that we go through “impure” thoughts and desires, which we cannot relate to the absolutely good Creator. Only those with spiritual endurance attain the state of uniting with the Absolute, above all the “impure” circumstances.

The Creator’s plan in creation is for man, the pinnacle of creation, to devote every moment of his existence to the Creator. In this yearning and expectation, the Creator is extremely envious! Our entire life at every moment is a chain of circumstances directing us toward Him.

Man’s entire mission in this life is, above all the transpiring circumstances, to attain constant yearning for adhesion with the Creator. He then reveals that all of the Creator’s actions are also aimed at creating circumstances for him to develop adhesion, till full equivalence.

Man cannot blatantly receive evil from the Creator, for it is a detriment to the greatness of the Creator. Therefore, in the measure of the sensation of evil, one can feel the absence of the Creator. Therefore, the efforts not to distance oneself from the Creator, although one senses evil, are rewarded. And if he weakens the efforts, punishment is in store for him.

I am happy when evil is revealed in me. And vice versa, I regret the evil that is still hidden in me. Since it is unknown when and if it will ever be revealed. The revealed evil must surely be corrected! Therefore, one must aspire to reveal all of his evil!

Zohar, Bereshit, 159: By the rear side one can judge the future face side of the spiritual state. The rear side frightens and thus pushes for a speedy revelation of the face side. So one can feel negligible and inept in a descent, but he must overcome it and strive for revelation!
From Twitter, 4/25/19

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