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What can we learn from the Pharaoh?
We can learn loyalty to the Creator from Pharaoh. He performs his task meticulously, faithfully, and selflessly. A true slave of the Creator like no other. Indeed it is a power made by the Creator, opposite to the Creator, without freewill…

Exit from Egypt, from the bondage of Egoism, can only happen when one feels himself under its full control, unable to reach the Creator, the quality of love and bestowal. And only in the measure of suffering from such bondage and full striving for the quality of bestowal and connection with others, can one merit an exit to freedom.

The power of egoism in man ends (exit from Egypt) when one is convinced that he cannot descend into egoism any further, and asks the Creator exclusively, solely for deliverance from the power of egoism, Pharaoh, only to acquire the quality of bestowal.

Before one overcomes his egoism, comes out of it, egoism awakens in him stronger and stronger each time, leaving no hope for salvation. Only faith in the help of the Creator Himself brings a long-awaited salvation from egoism, when one wants to be under the Creator’s full control

Before liberation from egoism, Israel was fully immersed in the 49 steps of pure egoism. And only then did the Creator reveal Himself and rescue them. Until the attainment of full egoism, its 49 levels, they thought that freedom from it was possible by the Creator’s forces rather than Himself.

If one wishes to act for the Creator’s sake, egoism doesn’t give him energy—and one sees himself immersed in egoism. But this sensation of one’s egoism and intentions not for one’s sake is the truth!
All we can do is turn to the Creator for help since He is the one that created both egoism and the intention “for one’s sake.”

The beginning of the realization of egoism lies in yearning for unity in the group, the realization that it is only through unity that I can reveal the Creator, the will to bestow—this is against my nature and I can only be aided by attempts to unite with others, revelation of egoism, separation—and a plea to the Creator.

Everything that happens to us before we feel immersed in egoism and exit from it, from Egypt—is only in order for us to feel that the Creator governs everything, to feel the sensation of His singularity—this is exodus from exile into truth.

At first a person feels that he is enslaved by egoism, Pharaoh, and is forcefully rejected from working for the Creator. To this extent he really is ruled by egoism. But as soon as he realizes that it’s the Creator who does this to him, “Since there is no other,” he is immediately conscious of his redemption!

When one yearns for the Creator, Israel, from within evil’s, Pharaoh’s, rule, the Creator liberates him from exile in egoism and gifts him with the quality of bestowal. This personal transformation is called “the miracle of exodus from Egypt.” One must believe that the Creator liberates everyone who wishes for it in this miraculous way.

All of our work is to reveal egoism in us. To see exit from egoism’s rule as reward and to make efforts only for the sake of the Creator’s desire based on the sensation of His greatness. Our entire reward lies in fulfilling His desire. Work = reward!

Exile into Egypt, Pharaoh’s rule, means that the awareness (Daat) that one must work for the sake of the Creator, bestowal – unity, is under egoism’s rule and every person works for himself.

The spiritual body of man consists of thoughts, desires, and actions. In order for these parts of the body to perform the right actions, which one requires them to do, it is necessary to attain the quality of faith (Emuna) or awe (Yirat Shamaim).

The Upper Partzuf, the Creator, works in a way that if you talk of ways to give to creatures, He instantly hears you. To hear means to take in a raised desire and bring it higher. Above, the light is clothed in your desire and this whole “package” is brought down to the creatures.

If we don’t encounter changes on our path, it means that we are not asking for them. All spiritual advancement can happen only through realization of the previously formed needs and requests.

People’s problems are your own, but you hear about them from others. You blend in with parts of your soul. You will never hear anything that does not apply to you. You perform actions to return them to their places inside you. They seem external because of your wrong perception.
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