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Slave labor is a constant opposition to the recurring thoughts against unity and bestowal, along with feelings of bitterness and death in egoism (Maror), thoughts aiming to keep a person in slavery to egoism, which must constantly be resisted. Until a prayer for freedom arises…

When you cannot do anything alone, even beg the Creator for help, all you can do then is rely on the group’s help: you must annul yourself to the group completely, without all of your thoughts and feelings—and will receive a new spiritual state from the group!

If while on the path you feel completely indifferent to coming closer to the Creator and you cannot pull yourself out of this state of exile, as if you are in a state of being unaware of the Creator, not sensing the separation—all you can do is pray to feel the separation—this will bring you back to life…

To the extent of understanding that closeness with the Creator occurs in the measure of similarity to Him, bestowing to Him and taking nothing for oneself in order to please Him—one must acquire the quality of bestowal, faith in the greatness of the Creator, annulling oneself, and starting to realize the need for descents to appreciate the ascents.

The Creator’s concealment is necessary for the soul’s development. Sensations of pain, separation, confusion, concealment, grudges against the Creator—it is forbidden to take offense and curse the Creator for this.
One must believe, in spite of this, that these are sensations inside of egoism and are for our sake. Because the Creator could have eliminated negative thoughts and feelings…

The need for our development by faith above reason, bestowal, is for our desires to become unlimited and be able to attain adhesion with the Creator. In desires that are restricted by egoism, we cannot become even an embryo, included in the Creator, and we certainly cannot attain full adhesion – equivalence with the Creator.

The Tree of Knowledge is a demand to reveal the Creator in the ego, knowledge, rather than in bestowal – faith. But its fruits are forbidden. Yet if the Creator’s attainment happened in the open, in knowledge – egoism, everyone would be Kabbalists, carrying out the Creator’s desires.
But the problem lies in restricting attainments in knowledge…

A person is ready to go toward bestowal but sees that he involuntarily continues on the egoistic path. After reaching despair many times, he is ready to leave the path. He cannot go by faith – bestowal, above – against knowledge, in spite of the states.
But if he doesn’t leave the path, like a chained slave, the efforts accumulate and he comes out to freedom.

Law: in a state of ascent, when feeling the Creator’s greatness, we annul to Him without any reason, in complete agreement. But we cannot enjoy adhesion with Him and the fact that He brought us closer to Him.
Hence we need rejections, in order to appreciate the closeness, to find life and pleasure in them.

#Abraham: how does one attain the upper world, the quality of bestowal?
Creator: through exile into the world of egoism, opposite to it.
There one acquires the will to bestow to the Creator and asks for the Light that Reforms.
One takes egoistic desires from Egypt and receives altruistic intentions from the Creator.

Descents are given in order to appreciate ascents, but descents can be appreciated only when one is in ascent. They are given by the Creator in order to appreciate one from the other, the force of light from darkness.
Hence there is no redemption from egoism, Geula, without attaining bitterness of exile from it, Galut. The difference between them lies in the Creator’s revelation.

One who wishes to act by the Creator’s greatness, correcting himself to attain equivalence to the Creator, needs His increased greatness. The greatness is given by the Creator to bring the person closer, while the person himself can only act egoistically.
Hence annulling yourself is salvation from exile, and it is done by the Creator!

Going by reason means being in the sin of the Tree of Knowledge. This is revealed as difficulty of going against reason and the question of why should I even bestow to the Creator instead of myself?
#Rabash, Why Do We Ask the 4 Questions Precisely on #Passover Eve?

Concealment is necessary so we can receive from the Creator without shame. But it is only possible when receiving for the sake of the Creator, of bestowal.
Kabbalah (Torat Emet – the true Torah) is given so we can rise above egoism, which separates us from the Creator, and achieve similarity to Him, giving while receiving.

All the efforts to come out of #egoism: what for, why? For ourselves—are egoistic. For the Creator, so one must increase the importance of the Creator so that all the efforts would be for His sake—this is what takes us out of exile.

All the spiritual work is in the prayer (MAN). To do so, the effort (work) must be against the ego, free of its power. Realizing that one cannot leave the power of egoism through his own efforts, the desire to give to the Creator is born, the futility of it is realized, and the prayer is born.

All the suffering of exile in egoism (Egypt) was from the feeling of inability to leave the power of egoism (Pharaoh) to freedom, to be in the intention to do everything for the sake of the Creator. So, in exile, the true desire (Kli) was revealed—prayer for the Creator’s help.

It is in the ascent, the exit from slavery to egoism that one tastes the Maror (bitter greens), because especially in the ascent can one taste the bitterness—the taste of the fall.
After all, light comes out of darkness.
It turns out that bitterness is sweetened with an ascent. Light is enhanced by darkness—this is the correction of darkness.

Until egoism has been fully revealed, it cannot be eradicated—it’s impossible to receive the force to eradicate it from above. Hence all efforts against egoism reveal it even more—until the entire force of egoism is revealed and the full desire to erase it—then the Creator destroys it!

With the manifestation of the intention “for the Creator’s sake,” egoism moves away. One discerns the extent to which it rules in man and how far man is from the Creator. This change seems like separation from the Creator, but it is growing closer since one starts to feel a need for the Creator’s help.

Until one tries to act with the intention “for the sake of bestowal,” he doesn’t reveal egoism’s resistance. But when one realizes the meaning of bestowal, “not for one’s own sake”, the expression of the desire to eradicate egoism, the intention “for one’s sake,” egoism’s total resistance is expressed to not allow itself to be eradicated.

In the beginning of exile we feel egoism’s rule, followed by the impossibility of coming out of it. We discern the meaning of bestowing “not for your own sake.” Although one wishes to act for the Creator’s sake, he sees that he cannot, but justifies his lack of intention, and does not feel very distant from the Creator. This is the beginning…
From Twitter, 4/19/19

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