Connection Gives Birth To Life

laitman_963.6Currently, we are under the complete control of the Creator, carrying out everything that nature, meaning the Creator, dictates to us. We do not realize and do not feel that we are acting according to the directions of a foreign, external force, believing that we fulfill our own desire. Yet, in fact, it is not us at all.

I am created from the desire to enjoy and I work according to the program embedded in this biological computer, thinking that this is me: my desires, my thoughts, my aspirations are all mine. I have nothing except this.

Actually, an outside force acts in me, which clothed itself on me, drives me, leads me, and twists me in all directions. I am so attached to it that I think that it is me. I do not feel any distinction between us, and this is called the inanimate level.

It is very important to feel this, literally to feel this in all your internality, because then you have a chance to disengage from this external force and become free, that is, come out of the Egyptian slavery.1

Natural scientists, biologists and zoologists can confirm that a person has no free choice and that is completely controlled by his nature, which determines all his behavior. A person is a result of various internal chemical and electrical processes occurring in the body and head. He has no freewill and is not responsible for his thoughts. It is a machine operating under the control of chemical and electrical signals that are generated inside it. There are many serious scientific articles on the Internet confirming this.

And where does anything else in a person come from? In the process of training and upbringing, we bring in additional programs such as: education, shame, ethics, all kinds of calculations that elevate him above simple animal and make him a human being. But all these programs that determine our decisions and are hidden from us, do not leave us any free choice.

Our task is to want to come out of this inanimate degree in order to reach the landlord of the program and change His decision, meaning to force Him to control us in a new way. Only through the Creator we will be able to act differently. One can change something within oneself only by turning to the Creator in order to force Him to change us, as it is written: “My sons have defeated me.”2

A person begins at the point where he suddenly feels that he is managed by the force of the Creator and he disagrees with this governance. He calls this upper governance “Pharaoh” and wants to come out of this slavery. Pharaoh is an upper force that constantly dictates to me what I should do. Yet, I do not want to be controlled this way. If I feel that I am entirely under control of the Creator and have no opportunity to resist His orders, I am considered inanimate.

When can we discover that we are under the full control of the Creator? Only when we want to come out of it: by the contrast between the two. I want to do an action that is not dictated by the Creator and there is only one such action: in order to bestow. If I try to do it, I will understand that I am incapable of it because I am fully immersed in reception and want to remain in it, and this is my entire life.

It means that in order to understand that I am in the inanimate state, I must want to become “a plant”! Only by such oppositeness can I acknowledge my state.3

It is possible to move from the inanimate to the vegetative state only in the ten. Each one of us is inanimate, but if we influence a person correctly, we will give him an opportunity to become vegetative. Nine friends are working on one, the way the Creator works on ten. We need to work on each one in the ten like the Creator works on us.4

How does an inanimate molecule become organic because it consists of inorganic chemicals? Yet, when they connect in a special way, according to the rules of valency, they move to the vegetative level, that is, they become alive. Life is a result of connection. When inanimate particles connect with each other, they turn into plants or even into animals.

We do not know how this happens; we just see that this is how it is. Inside the connection, the upper force is concealed, the Creator. Therefore, it is considered that everything comes from the inanimate, from the earth. There is nothing special in a plant, animal, or human, apart from an additional spiritual force that comes from above because below we have an aspiration to connect. This is the secret of life.5

Before the connection, there is no ten—just ten people sitting together. The ten begins from the fact that we are trying to connect and wait for the force from above to come and connect us so that instead of inanimate, individual atoms, we become an organic matter. Every atom of the human body is inanimate in itself, but the connection between them gives birth to life. The means for rising from the inanimate degree is connection.

Why does one connection create only inanimate matter and another one creates life? It is all about the desire to become like the upper degree, to become vegetative. The force that awakens this desire is not at our degree, but comes from the higher level, penetrating us through the sparks hidden inside of us.6
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 4/11/19, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati, Article 115 “Still, Vegetative, Animate, and Speaking”
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